A somewhat different Richard Armitage Valentine’s Day

Just for fun.

~ by Servetus on February 14, 2021.

29 Responses to “A somewhat different Richard Armitage Valentine’s Day”

  1. Lol! These are different and kinda fun. Especially Thorin and his horse. 😆

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    • My fantasy definitely does not want Thorin to be aromantic in any way but I remembered that comment about developing a relationship with his horse.


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day. I am a Valentine’s Day baby so especially nice to see such romantic beautiful feelings expressed to a horse ♥️♥️♥️


  3. Roflmao
    Love the one with the tooth fairy – not sure what this say about me 😉

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  5. muhahahaha Just the kind of thing that people like me (who are rather non-plussed about VD) love. Anti-VD, so to speak? Much appreciated. Thank you!


  6. ‘I will always love you less than I love these elfy jewels’ you gotta respect his honesty 😆


    • Honesty is important in intimate relationships. Esp since he will clearly never be able to give anyone a gemstone since he wants to keep them all for himself.

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  7. These are great! Gotta love a little edge on Valentine’s Day!


  8. ROFL! Nice!


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