Look at those thumbs

As long time readers know, I don’t enjoy Vicar of Dibley [coughs], to the point that I’m not sure I want to hear what he has to say about it, but I will definitely take these caps. I love the hair, the shirt, the cardigan, the facial hair, the expressions on his faces, all his old hand gestures. Yum!

Guylty has more, here.

~ by Servetus on March 7, 2021.

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  2. I like his unstyled look and think he has grabbed the first troyer he could find in his wardrobe to hide his none ironed shirt. He looks a little bit of Guy and a little bit of Harry. Longer hair and nape curls! Indeed yum


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  5. Thank you for these videos! It was a lovely way to start my day, I sat here with a silly grin on my face. RA looks positively yummy. Harry was “My Moment” and I never tire of hearing those involved reminisce about the show. They obviously had a ball, RA included.

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    • You’re welcome. I remember the comment he made years ago about how nice it was to stop playing Guy and join the Dibley crew, what a great break.


  6. Thanks for sharing the vids 🙂
    I’ll want to watch the whole program so haven’t watched it yet but it’s good to see all the gifs and screencaps of the man.


    • Will you review on your blog when you’ve watched? (I don’t want to watch it. Just fast forwarding through it sort of made me itch, lol.)


      • I sure will when I watched it and if I have something to say about it and decide that I want to share it with everyone 😉


        • LOL! It’s pretty obvious that I haven’t wanted to share with everyone, either 🙂


          • Tricky business this fan-blogging :mrgreen: 😉

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            • I had just about decided I could write this post about how I have come to feel about the show, that people aren’t so up in arms defensive about their relationship with VoD as they were ten years ago and then I read something that kind of made me think either (a) they will always be up in arms defensive about it or (b) things that I specifically write automatically cause some people to get up in arms defensive about it. Either way, it’s just not worth the hassle or even the notional hassle to comment on it. Since the show plays an absolutely minor role in my Armitage fandom, to be taken to task for my opinion over it is something that I have zero interest in.


  7. Thank you for the pics and the vids. he does look gorgeous (the beard isn’t too bushy) although I would be happy to take off his cardigan. Harry isn’t one of my favourite characters and I was never fond of the V.o.D. – it could be sanctimonious (unsurprisingly) at times – but I love the two episodes with RA, they were hilarious, and I watch them every Christmas.


    • I liked the Harry episodes less after the few episodes of the rest of the series I watched. I find Dawn French seriously off-putting and the more I watched the episodes, the more the feeling grew. However, I read a novel this week with some interesting tangential insights about British cultural preferences — helped me understand her popularity a bit better. I had rewatched in years and it was nice to see a few of the scenes again, though.


  8. Thanks for posting the videos! What fun to watch. (I do like those two VOD episodes. They always make me smile.)

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