I’d recognize those boots anywhere


~ by Servetus on March 10, 2021.

12 Responses to “I’d recognize those boots anywhere”

  1. That’s him in the third picture – pulling down (up?) his shirt. ☺️
    Sweet find, Serv!!

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  2. Yes, great find, thanks. Servetus The first pic! It looks like he’s wearing a hairnet or has some elaborate coiffeur.
    (It’s a shame they omitted Cush Jumbo, it’s really beginning to rile me.)


    • I wondered what the deal was with his hair.

      I hate to ask: she’s the lead, right? I hope this isn’t another “we’re not noticing her because she’s Black” moment.


      • Maybe because she’s Black and/or a woman. She was described as the lead in most of the early publicity or the cast has been listed as ‘Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt & Richard Armitage’, perhaps alphabetically. On several occasions she has been omitted ( and so sometimes has RA) . When Googling the cast, CJ is way down the list on images of the cast. I’m sure it happens all the time to Black/female actors, in fact I know it does, and I’m only super conscious of it in relation to RA, as I was annoyed by Jennifer Saunders getting star billing in The Stranger and now it’s happening again with Eddie Izzard (in a couple of instances).


        • I remember thinking back in Hobbit days that James Nesbit was getting a disproportionate amount of the attention considering the size of his role. I suppose it has something to do with what the media recognize, or what they think others will recognize, but if Jumbo is the lead she should always get lead billing.

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  3. Thanks for posting that!
    Very practical footwear for the photographer. And casual hoodie. The look vaguely reminds me of Chop.


  4. Are those red wings? You know you’re from the Midwest when…


    • LOL, they could be! It’s more that Armitage has a thing for extreme large boots and so I’m always looking for the overengineered footwear.


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