Fourth Audie win for Richard Armitage

~ by Servetus on March 23, 2021.

6 Responses to “Fourth Audie win for Richard Armitage”

  1. Good for him. I found it a bit trying to be honest but
    I’m just not a Chekov fan 🙄


    • This is the thing he’s done lately that I’d be mostly likely to enjoy, but the usual audible stuff annoyed me — I downloaded it and then a few weeks later it turned out there was an audiocd version available and I didn’t want to pay again. And to be fair I ahven’t had a second free …


  2. I’m sure he deserved it… (I never finished the recording.)


  3. Didn’t listen to it but happy for him.
    An award’s an award, better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Wish he could do something that would make him eligible for an Eisner award. Then I could escort him to green room and exchange pleasantries with him and maybe Mimi (if she wasn’t too shy). Alas, no Comic Con again.


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