Goodbye to Thorin

~ by Servetus on March 28, 2021.

21 Responses to “Goodbye to Thorin”

  1. And no more moody actor and anti-socialite!


  2. A new chapter starts. Do you or anybody know the name of his production company? In addition I missed the connection, what is he writing?


    • I think the English one is White Boar Films. He’s also incorporated under White Board LLC in the US (has been since 2012). He said at some point during lockdown that he’s writing something, but he hasn’t said what. I’m guessing it has something to do with viruses given his recent tweets about Elizabeth Gilbert.


      • Thank you for the information. I am not on twitter and don’t want to join, but sometimes I have a lack of information.
        I am curious about his kind of new projects.


        • What do I know … hmm.

          Filming “Stay Close.”
          “Now & Then” — preproduction, but there are regular bits of news
          “Seville Communion” — preproduction, but not entirely clear he’s still associated with it
          Castlevania 4 is supposedly done, but no date announced for release (not sure why — Warren Ellis has sexual misconduct allegations circling him, though)
          rumors that he’s somehow attached to the next “Evil Dead” film — but really just extremely rumory rumors, fan forensics.
          And probably some more audiobooks?


  3. Okay, I get it. I got scared there for a moment, but I see now. He has changed his description of himself. Whew!!


  4. Bye bye anti-socialite, hello serious film business man.


  5. I understand the want to change things from time to time and maybe the need too to signal something else to certain people in business.
    But this new description for me reads so boring…


  6. The change makes me feel sad as though he is slipping away, behind the screen, which he said he would do one day. Hopefully he will juggle all three. The writer is intriguing, if a bit premature.


    • I think he’s at that phase where most male actors’ careers slow who aren’t in the top 10. He’s got about 5-7 years before he can reappear in more senior roles … so I guess he wants to diversify. It would be sad never to see him on screen again. Although it seems like he should get more stage roles.


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