Four things (day 11)

Today: more stuff to assisted living. I simply kept stressing to dad I was not available for conversations about assisted living. Tuberculin test for him. Then the long trip to the county where I work for Moderna 2. I was listening to news, but the news stations all drop out within about 15 mi of that city and so I was listening to WPR classical. It was kind of a hazardous drive (road repairs already) and I was appropriately tense.

As I parked, this came on:

and I just broke into sobs. I haven’t been able to listen to music in probably a year or so.


Again with the flags waving us to different cubicles. I told the flag lady I wanted a checkered flag, after all this.

Had to sit for a half hour afterwards due to bee venom allergy. Read about 100 pp of this. It’s really useful, esp the chapters on information overload / internet addiction, and family obligations.

I feel embarrassed that the only time I find to read a book about laziness is in the enforced 30 minutes of still after the vaccination.


On the way back I decided to stop for a bit as I was feeling woozy. More places are open now (until recently all the fast food dining rooms had been closed) and I stopped at a Jersey Mike’s, and this came on:

That album was on constant loop in my car the summer my mother died. Uch.


Long uncomfortable talk with HL last night. I had to tell him that if last night repeated itself, I would call the police. Very supportive talk with assisted living place this afternoon. Apparently nothing we are experiencing is unusual. They have the meds list and we set a specific date. Dad just started in on me again about the furniture and I am going to plead vaccination illness and go to bed. At 4:20. I am not lazy. He has a Jersey Mike’s sandwich.

~ by Servetus on April 7, 2021.

11 Responses to “Four things (day 11)”

  1. Hang in there. Not long now. Huge virtual hugs.


  2. That book sounds like something many of us should read.


  3. The book looks like something I need to read. It’s more my perception that i feel like i am being lazy when i am not.


  4. I love Bastille! Been to their concert twice. I rarely go to big names concerts in my country, but I have made an exception for them!

    Take care!!!


  5. music like Shoshtakovic ‘s touches us where words cannot reach. Hang in there; you are going a fantastic job and the work is nearing its close. 🙏♥️🙏


  6. music like Shoshtakovic ‘s touches us where words cannot reach. Hang in there; you are going a fantastic job and the work is nearing its close. 🙏♥️🙏


  7. You are in the final stretch so just keep it up to the finish and take 5 when needed– I was taught this little exercise in C treatment so for 5 to 10 mins, enhale deeply and exhale by mouth while only thinking of lovely memory. Helped me to reduce stress+anger. Keep safe + God bless

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  8. uuuuffffff…!!! sending energy your way!


  9. My heart breaks for you, Serv. The end is in sight…


  10. Sending you all my best wishes and a big hug.


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