Starting with a small dog

Cue the cooing. I’ll take it for the genuine smile,

~ by Servetus on May 15, 2021.

16 Responses to “Starting with a small dog”

  1. Ha, I was surprised to see him tweeting about football, since he‘s not a fan himself. I guess it must mean he‘s staying with his folks (brother)… Nice smile, though.
    (BTW, hope your packing/moving is going well!)

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  2. Could be his brother’s dog but cute. Love his smile here as well. 🙂

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  3. Two cuties! 😊

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    • well. Do I reveal that I don’t generally find animals cute at this juncture? At any rate it’s a cute picture.


  4. It’s a great photo – that dog is super! 🥰
    For those that don’t know, Richard’s home town English soccer team just won the FA cup for the first time ever. I guess he’s happy about that? ☺️


    • No doubt, and we’ve known he followed the team since the Hobbit days, but I don’t think he’s generally a huge football fan. When Leicester City won the premiere league in 2016 he was pretty careful to say his family was celebrating and his brother was “levitating” but he didn’t seem that excited himself.

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  5. Hard to imagine him in full fan gear in a football stadium, but I am glad he has a good time with his brother.
    And a heartfelt ‘yay’ to every selfie without filter and the duck mouth 🙂

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  6. I love dogs, so to me this pic is one of the best I have ever seen of him.

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