From this angle

I like that hairstyle. Weird mouth. But good to see him on a weekend in May.

~ by Servetus on May 31, 2021.

8 Responses to “From this angle”

  1. Ich schaue ja schon länger nicht mehr hin und prompt habe ich das Schätzchen nicht erkannt…. 😬 Hi Serv! 😉

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  2. Almost did’t recognize our guy. The mouth. Is it a smirk? A grin? Well he’s out and about. I wish I could travel. Getting the second shot in July.

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  3. A few people have commented on his mouth but it doesn’t look particularly weird to me, perhaps it’s a bit fleshier than usual. It’s good seeing him again and he manages to carry off the’ flag protruding from forehead’ look well.

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  4. I really can’t understand why a man so beautiful makes such awful selfies. In this he looks a little petulant and almost unrecognizable.Happy for the theatre 💖

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