Meanwhile, back at the cinema

I got back to the movie theaters the week before dad’s second heart attack, but it wasn’t quite relaxing. I haven’t spent that much time in a public space inside in a year and a half, now. (Oh, and I also finally got my hair cut that week, which left me a bit twitchy, but so much happier.) I saw the Bregenz Rigoletto (meh, it’s  not my fave opera, but I had missed those “live at the Met” showings this year) and In the Heights (enjoyed / liked — did not love).

This week I think I am finally getting back into the groove of feeling relaxed in a cinema. I’m so glad because I really missed it. I saw this:

and I would strongly recommend it on political, artistic and entertainment grounds. I remember going to see the four hour cut of the Woodstock film back in 2019 and was worried this would be similarly aimless, but it was absolutely not. In this film, the performances were more to my taste overall and it was neat to see people reminiscing about their experiences at the Harlem Festival. Plus points for a surprise appearance by Redd Foxx, who as usual made me laugh out loud. That man would say anything.

So definitely go see that if you have a chance. I believe it’s also streaming on Hulu.

Then I saw these trailers:

Plus points: Robert de Niro and Morgan Freeman.

Neutral: I don’t usually like this kind of film. But this is going to be a year when beggars can’t be choosers, and the trailer struck me as amusing.

Summary: Will probably see.

Plus points: Politically important topic. I didn’t totally hate it.

Neutral: see above re: beggars can’t be choosers. I normally would not see this kind of film. I know (and to some extent sympathize with the problem) that there is a huge pent-up desire for feel-good stories at the moment. This isn’t as totally syrupy as it might be.

Summary: Will see if there’s nothing else available.

Plus points: I’m never going to see it on Broadway, so.

Negatives: I think this might be the sort of production that is better on stage than on screen. Very syrupy imo. Of course, syrupy is better than horror (there is SO MUCH horror in the “now playing” and “coming soon” sections of the cinema website that it’s not funny — apparently the jump scare is immune to coronavirus).

Summary: Will probably risk it, as it’s one of those things my students are likely to see.

Plus points: interesting topic, and could be a sort of “I, Tonya” kind of film.

Negatives: the massively overrated Andrew Garfield.

Summary: tentative yes.

Plus points: none.

Negatives: the subject.

Summary: hard pass. And it will probably run on CNN at some point.

Plus points: the subject, the actress, the music.

Negatives: I may find myself nit-picking as to facts.

Summary: will be there opening night.

And later this weekend, I probably want to see this, b/c Harvey Keitel:

and maybe this (this is not the kind of movie I’d usually see but it’s getting a lot of positive buzz):

This was also the weekend of the F9 premiere. I suppose Armitage fans should be relieved that we don’t have to watch that (2:17).

~ by Servetus on July 4, 2021.

17 Responses to “Meanwhile, back at the cinema”

  1. Summer of Soul is playing on Disney+ through the Star Channel. (Not Hulu and it’s a long story regarding what gets shown in Canada.)

    I watched the Stevie Wonder portion before leaving for vacation and WOW!


    • Stevie Wonder: Seriously — I guess I haven’t seen much tape of him performing in those days, because he had a whole different energy than I am used to.

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  2. Lots coming up and some that I’d like to watch too. Amy Adams in Dear Evan Hansen is the draw for me. 🙂
    Gosh yes, glad RA never did F&F. In fairness, I’ve never seen the movies but I can’t imagine there being anything in them that I’d really want to see.


    • In part I would wish him the money and fame for doing those — but aren’t they just non-stop car crashes?

      I feel a bit bad for not really wanting to see Evan Hansen but I suspect I will, anyway. There’s just so little to see, and I totally miss the feeling of going into the cinema and sort of melting into the seats.

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      • Yeah, that’s what I think as well about the non-stop car crashes but then, I’ve never watched a whole F&F movie before, just bits and pieces of, yes, car crashes.

        I don’t know anything about Evan Hansen, except that it’s a successful musical. The trailer looked nice enough but Amy Adams sealed the deal for me to want to watch this.

        And yes, I miss that feeling too, of becoming completely immersed.


  3. Although you’re obviously no fan of Bourdain, now you’ve informed me that there is a movie I’m really looking forward to it – I’ve always loved ‘no reservations’ and I own a really great cookbook from him. I actually was devastated to hear that he took his own life, 3 years ago.


  4. I feel like I’m spamming you with comments as I catch up on posts! Last one… I’m all caught up.

    I haven’t been brave enough to go to the theatre yet, although I am 2 weeks post-vaccination today. My younger son has another 9 days before he’s 2 weeks past, and then I will feel a bit safer. Although I read an article today about someone how had double Pfizer in March and is now on the 6th day of being sick with fever and coughing with Delta variant. I don’t think I’ll be ditching the mask anytime soon.

    I’m excited to see the Tammy Faye movie! The PTL club was a bit of a guilty pleasure for my sister and I. We had to watch to see all the tears and her singing (which we actually enjoyed) and the over-the-top “praise the lord” at every turn. I also liked her in The Surreal Life, where she and (porn star) Ron Jeremy developed a real friendship. Very odd and yet somehow moving.

    I’m also excited about the Summer of Soul. I’m glad Fatima pointed out it’s available on Disney+. (My husband the comic book/Marvel aficionado has a subscription.)


    • Definitely see “Summer of Love.”

      I’ve got tickets to “Green Knight” tomorrow and I think I’m going to use them (I bought a four seat block so no one can sit near me), but that’s going to be it until the infection rate here falls again. The stats from Provincetown may be somewhat skewed (it was “bear week” there at the time of the outbreak, and I don’t think that behavior is probably all that typical of situations I’m usually in) but Delta seems to be able to get past the mRNA vaxxes and I don’t want to take unnecessary risks. I’m also not thrilled about the idea of another booster, either, but I think they wouldn’t even consider it until six months out, so sometime in October.

      You’re not spamming me. I was worried that you were absent but I don’t like to pressure people and I know you have a lot going on.

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      • Oh “Green Knight” looks great! I hope it is and that you enjoy it.

        “Bear week”… fascinating. I didn’t even know there was such a thing! But yes, sounds like massive gatherings. Delta seems a bit scary for sure.

        My husband had Pfizer and then Moderna, which is acceptable here. But it may mean that there will be many countries he can’t travel to. My sons and I were all lucky and got the same mRNA both times. You get what you get. And then, who knows for the boosters.

        Thanks for understanding. I think that the emotional onslaught of the horribleness at work affected me more than I thought. I just did not feel able to interact beyond work and my family. I didn’t really realize until that pressure was lifted. I have to figure out a way not to have to keep being involved in things like that. But when I am asked to do something important, I don’t usually refuse, because someone has to do it. I’m just glad it’s over now.


        • Green Knight: I did really enjoy it (apart from annoyances occasionally about the soundtrack). It seemed somehow faithful to the feeling of medieval England without being slavish, and the makers clearly had read some more medieval lit beyond just this poem. They know how a medieval story works. And I loved the “update’ of the ending. Let me know if you see it and what you think.

          Bear Week: I guess the kicker was poor ventilation. It still seems like an outlier, but at the same time there are all these places that are now in worse shape than we were in January. I’ve pulled back — not going anywhere (again) except to outdoor events. So I haven’t seen the other movies that were on my list.

          And now we’re possible in the situation of having to have a third dose? I’m so tired.

          And I totally get the onslaught problem. I’m experiencing that now, although I also wonder at the kind of things that are flattening me. I hope that things are evening out for you.

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    • *”Summer of Soul”

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  5. Indeed it is very challenging at times when we are going through tough personal times. But I believe cinema provides that sporadic relaxation if only temporary but still much needed at times. Especially in today’s times

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  6. We have recently had cinemas open up in India and did write a piece on the same – sharing it. Hope you like it

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