He’s still attached to it after all?

I did buy the English edition of this book and read the first few chapters — and thought they were interesting, before drowning in grading — but since I have a lot more free time now, maybe I should read it in Spanish. Hari did say that it’s a fantastic book in that language, and of course, traduttore, traditore.

~ by Servetus on July 6, 2021.

16 Responses to “Intriguing”

  1. Read it in Spanish? Cool! I would never be able to.

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  2. That is indeed surprising. But good to know he won’t get bored after ‘Stay close’ is finished.

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  3. I tried to post a comment earlier. So forgive me if both appear . I will delete one if 2 appear. I was delighted to see RA commenting on the Seville Communion and to see Perez-Reverte commenting too that he thought RA is a magnificent actor. I really hope the film gets made. I do not like the crime series type things RA also does. RA seems born to play Quart and I was really disappointed when he disappeared from the cast list only to come back a few weeks later. It is a stellar part from beginning to end and Quart is intriguing . It is a much better role than any he has had since Thorin . He has had a good year , despite the virus, in 2021. Quarantine rules are different in the UK, Spain and Italy so who knows, but I am so looking forward to this ….. perhaps too much !!!


  4. Adding on to Lynne’s comment – I thought it was interesting how Perez-Reverte phrased his tweet. “Testing him to see whether he would like to play the part” (unless Google Translate messed it up). As if the casting still wasn’t certain?

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    • I’m not a native speaker of Spanish (even less of continental Spanish), I think it would be more like “exploring whether he’d like to play the part” or “sounding him out” (another meaning the dictionary gives.) Although “apetecer(le)” is usually translated as “want” in English, “si le apetecería” has the connotation of “if he would enjoy.” There’s a figurative relationship between Latin “appeto, appetere” and English “appetite.” Obvs I also don’t know any casting details.

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      • Yup sounding him out, really cool APR is into him and would like him to play Quart! And yes I loved the book but it was audiobook as had no time to source paper version. Spanish narrator absolutely exquisite! If this goes through will relisten ! It’s La piel del tambor read by Juan Carlos Gustems

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  5. ” La piel del tambor” .
    Found this (in French ) :

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