This is annoying

On the whole I don’t spend much time either fancasting, trying to figure out which roles Richard Armitage is up for, or mourning the ones he doesn’t get (particularly as I usually don’t know anyway). This bugs me, though, even though I don’t see how I could get to England this fall and I’m not sure I’ve got the money in place.

We know Armitage wants to play Macbeth, we know Farber wants to work with him. I’m meh at best about Saoirse Ronan and I don’t know how I’d feel about a “women’s lib” version of the play. But this kind of stinks.

Ah well. Indeed, I’m reminded that most of us spend much of our lives in the state of “I’d rather be doing something else.” Richard Armitage, too, I suppose.

~ by Servetus on July 8, 2021.

11 Responses to “This is annoying”

  1. Both oh and ahhh…. not sure about Farber… but still hope to see McArdle… as they say hope springs eternal? Might end up in just one more aborted hope but might make me get through to October so who knows.. I love the play but have high standards or had them.


    • The last one I saw was this one

      When fair is foul: The NT Live Macbeth

      and it. was. not. good.

      I guess I’ve now seen three Farber plays (Crucible, Les Blancs, Salome) and she’s better at staging other people’s material.


      • That NT one was just pants, we barely made it till the end. Loved les Blancs but skipped Salome as it had bad reviews o think… she’s good at many things but some tools and tricks can get repetitive if you see several of her productions… we’ll see how this one fairs.


  2. It sounds like his dance card is full with film projects anyway. There’s a lot that goes into casting and it’s a matter of luck and timing as well as talent. Yeah, he has better things to do.


  3. I would dearly love to see Richard Armitage as Macbeth, it would suit him so well, (He could even do his Betsey Trotwood accent!)


  4. Aw, yeah, that really is a pity!


  5. […] A survey of the London theater scene that mentions Yaël Farber’s Macbeth. You remember how I feel about that. […]


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