We don’t get a lot of things to really care about

It’s been a long time — probably two years — since a movie has stuck this much in my head after I left the cinema. Definitely see this.

~ by Servetus on July 17, 2021.

20 Responses to “We don’t get a lot of things to really care about”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Nicholas Cage is a fascinating actor. (With my RA googles, the poster looks like Thorin and John Proctor combined.)


  2. Well, that was unexpected. Mr. Cage always pulls me in – though I’ve often thought, aren’t I more intelligent than this? Con Air being one of my all time favorites. I’ve not even seen an ad for this one. Of course, the chef subject immediately grabs me nowadays and I’m already planning a family trip to Fargo so we can watch it with my own chef. Thanks for the heads up!


    • iKR? I saw exactly no advertising for this. I found it on the local cinema web page with a one line blurb that did not interest me. I thought, nah. Then suddenly these rave reviews started filling my feed from non-film sources that loved it. I definitely think a chef should see it. I could also see using it as a film in my philosophy or theology classes.

      I don’t remember seeing Con Air. I haven’t seen any of the National Treasure films. I haven’t even seen Leaving Las Vegas. I really think the last time I saw him on screen was Raising Arizona, and that was the beginning of my Coen Brothers love.

      I was the only person in the theater — so I hope it doesn’t disappear before people have a chance to hear that it’s worthwhile.

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      • Loved Raising Arizona, Nick and Holly. Loved all the National Treasure films-watched with the kids, dreamed of treasure hunts. Love, love Con Air-the trailer park in me-Steve Buscemi. Hated, loathed Leaving Las Vegas-too depressing.

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        • He won the Oscar for that. I think part of what’s driving the excitement about this film is that it’s obviously an art film and a lot of the reviews say (paraphrasing) see, Cage has still got it when he wants to.

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  3. 😉 Truffle hunting movie is for me to watch…


  4. Hmm, interesting, hadn’t heard of this before.


  5. This sounds really good. I see they have it on Amazon Prime. I’ll watch it when I can get to the TV that can access it. (It’s in my hubby’s TV room… our tastes nowadays are vastly different. Only so much superhero stuff I can watch 🙂 )


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