If I can’t be in the South of France



~ by Servetus on July 26, 2021.

18 Responses to “If I can’t be in the South of France”

  1. Supper looks great!

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    • It was really good (even if I didn’t follow all of Julia’s directions). Unfortunately the local lettuce is almost done for the summer. Too hot.

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  2. Bon appétit!

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  3. Yum! That looks delicious. I’m salivating again (but this time not over RA)😆

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  4. Miam miam !

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  5. That looks delicious!


    • It was really good. A bit of a unicorn as this was the one week when we had local beans and local lettuce. The lettuce is done now. I’m not a fetishist (obviously — no olives in Wisconsin!) but I enjoy it more if I know it came from here and can talk to the people who grew it.

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  6. J’entends les cigales chanter en regardant ces plats. C’est sûr.

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    • I’ve never actually lived in a cicada state in the US. I guess this is their 17 year summer again but we are not impacted. However, I can definitely hear frogs from my back deck.

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      • Crôa… Crôa.

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      • Ici les cigales ne sont pas considérées comme un fléau dévast


        • Ici les cigales ne sont pas considérées comme un fléau dévastateur de cultures mais comme de charmants insectes caractéristiques du sud de la France en été.


          • I don’t think they’re considered a devastating plague in the US, either. It’s just that there are these periodic cycles of them called “broods” and they are (apparently — as I said I’ve never lived in one of those states) very noticeable at those times. We do have periodic insect plagues that damage crops, but cicadas don’t do that.

            I asked my brother, and he said we also can hear katydids from the new house. Honestly, I don’t pay that much attention to insect noises, although bird calls do interest me.

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