I was going to link this and forgot #richardarmitage

About the design of those costumes.

~ by Servetus on August 3, 2021.

7 Responses to “I was going to link this and forgot #richardarmitage”

  1. This explains the series so much never mind the costumes. My introduction to Richard came from this show, more specifically, a friend recommended it. In her words “Guy of Gisbourne is hot.” I had to see for myself, expecting to note him and setting my acting expectations low. What do you know, he busted all my expectations.


    • I remember thinking at some point the series could have been subtitled “we didn’t expect that.” They didn’t think Guy would take over (there’s an interview with Dom Minghella that’s behind a paywall that is a fanboy confession), series 2 was excellent (with the exception of the end) because it started to focus more on Guy — and then both Tempest and Minghella quit after that and series 3 was “The Gisbornes” on speed.

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      • Let’s make it for boys, make Robin cute enough for girls, and see if we can find some worthy tea-time telly while Doctor Who is on hiatus. Yup, it didn’t work out as planned. 😉

        Watching Merlin it’s like they learned from Robin Hood and made sure the tall, dark, and handsome dude was really a vilian in the later seasons. (The guy Tom Ellis played, with a costume that looked like Guy circa season 3.)


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