Not even for Richard Armitage

would I get an subscription again. Hopefully I’m not jinxing that decision by saying it but I find the company’s business model punishing to the consumer. (Last time I subscribed I wasn’t even given the advertised three month discount I thought I was signing up for, and titles I wanted disappeared during the subscription period.) I could say more but it really bugs me that Richard Armitage is now apparently an Audible shill. This kind of thing used to embarrass him, and I am wondering why I put up with this crap.




~ by Servetus on September 21, 2021.

12 Responses to “Not even for Richard Armitage”

  1. Audible‘s lack of communication is infuriating. As is there practice to pluck publication dates out of thin air and then retract on a regular basis. I have mostly given up pre-ordering audio books because their business practice feels exploitative at this point. And that, coupled with their constant fishing among fans, really puts me off the whole thing. I don‘t understand why RA feels that he has to jump into the breach for them time and again.


    • If you’re in a situation where you only get one credit a month, why would anyone preorder at all? Why not just see what’s available when your credit drops?

      The whole baiting fans thing is probably a third of why I can’t stand the #richardarmitage tag on Twitter.

      As far as he goes: when he was up for prestige projects (Gaiman) I guess I understand it but not if he just reads potboiler after potboiler.


  2. *their practice 😬


  3. In Germany I can’t preorder english titels so at least I’m spared another bad communication scheme from Audible.
    But this is a good reminder why I try to discourage myself to read replys on RAs tweets and always regret it instantly when I do it anyway…


    • If it’s any consolation I have exactly the same problem with reading those particular things.

      More generally (than you — I know you tweet a lot) I do really well at staying away from Twitter and then I instantly regret it when I go back.


      • I getting better at ignoring those things too. It sure was a good choice for me to unfollow RA on Twitter. No idea why I fell down that rabbit hole yesterday


        • I should just say to myself “I already know what people are going to say, so stay away” but somehow … but I am getting better. It has the fascination of a car wreck, though.

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  4. Perhaps I am off topic here, but what could be personal? He doesn’t write the manuscripts that he reads, so he’s carrying the brunt of Audible’s inadequacies? Sounds like this is usual practice for them by what you ladies are saying. You are easily put off purchasing the products when a company behaves like this.


    • No, it’s one of his typical miscommunications — LJ Ross had the personal problem (a death, which has delayed her completion of the manuscript). But in general, yes. I don’t like bait and switch.


  5. It’s quite an easy decision for me as I don’t do audiobooks… But yeah, the marketing sucks!


    • it’s less a marketing issue than a business practices one — continually promising something you are not going to deliver could be seen as low-level fraud, even if lots of companies do it these days. But it’s more that Audible just continues to treat its customers horribly.

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