Sorry, Mr Armitage, but I am looking forward to this

~ by Servetus on September 22, 2021.

7 Responses to “Sorry, Mr Armitage, but I am looking forward to this”

  1. That looks REALLY good


    • Christmas is saved! (LOL)

      With this cast and crew, I hope we get something really special. If Ethan Coen is going to quit making films, and this is the result, I am okay with it.

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  2. well 🙂 traditional, but looks very interesting, nice and creepy! me likey.. hope i;ll find a way to watch it, don’t think i’ll make cinema but we’ll see. Funny how the Scottish play is suddenly so popular. Did you see the quote where Francis McD says they are Romeo and Juliet if they didn’t commit suicide but continued living together? 🙂 I like the thought.


    • I had not: love that idea, though.

      What’s cool about a Coen Bros film is not usually (imo) how it looks. And there was no way a trailer for an American Macbeth wasn’t going to cite that particular line — it’s probably the most widely known line in the play here.

      The last Macbeth I saw was that horrible NT Live one, so. I would be interested in what Farber does, but I suspect it will be a lot of her traditional toolkit (smells, smoke, weird music, barefoot actors).

      The nice thing about living in a very Xian part of the US is that almost no one will be in the cinema that day. Soooo …. hope you find a way to see it.


  3. Ooh, I’d not heard of this! My favourite Shakespeare play and one of my favourite directors. Great casting too (but I’m still holding out for an Armitage Macbeth).


  4. The Guardian loves it:


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