How quickly we forget the Cold War

This makes my head ache. I’m not sure this can be described as a good night for the SPD, nor am I thrilled about any government that would include the SED-successor party(ies).

But I’m sure my headache is nothing compared to those of my German friends.

~ by Servetus on September 27, 2021.

11 Responses to “How quickly we forget the Cold War”

  1. Both Starmer and Armitage singing loudly in the woods… There’s not much “left” left in the German social democrats, and even less “progressive”. And talking of woods: We’re not out of them yet. Laschet still discussing coalition options. And in any case, whichever party gets to decide on the coalitions, there will each be the neoliberal, yellow hangers-on to deal with. I’m disgusted with German politics, so maybe it’s all a good thing that this was my last general election to vote in. “Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht…”


    • I guess your mother’s still living there, too, but hopefully you won’t eventually have reasons to stay away for 12 years. I wondered when I read this if either Starmer or Armitage thinks that the description of the FDP as “liberal” means something other than “neo-liberal” … I had a sentence in here about the FDP and then I thought, if the best thing I can say about the FDP is that they are neither neo-Nazi nor neo-Stalinist, I probably should shut up. These historical relic parties need to go away, but I know, the past isn’t even past.


      • Our Dutch VVD party (largest party here) are also known as liberals and they are not liberals in the left wing sense like in the USA at all – they’re a right-wing party. The term liberal is very confusing, just as the term ‘freedom’. One of our most right wing parties has “freedom” in it’s name and it doesn’t feel like a party who is actually for freedom for everyone at all…


        • This confusion around the word “liberal” is starting to be concretely dangerous in the US as our social studies education is so poor. I spend about a week on this in world civ — the emergence of classical liberalism in the 19th c. and how IT IS NOT THE SAME THING NOW WHEN WE SAY LIBERAL and a parallel week in US history — about how the GOP and the Democratic Party completely exchanged many of their traditional positions beginning in the 1930s — but it falls mostly on deaf ears. And now we have the anti-vaxxers trumpeting their opinions about personal freedoms.

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  2. “…inspiring campain…”??? Not sure if Mr. Starmer and I observed the same campaign.
    Being the candidate who acted the least embarrassing, merged with the furniture whenever someone mentioned ‘Cum Ex’ and benefited from a lot of voters who were to afraid and/or indifferent to vote for a real change and/or tried to prevent Laschet doesn’t make you an inspiring campaigner imo.


  3. A coalition with Die Linke is not possible, would have no majority. I would rather have them in the government than the FDP, but that cannot be avoided now.

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