The frustration of the moment

Then there’s the US tax system, which functions as a tax haven all by itself. This report came out about our U.S. senator’s state income taxes in the last week. (And keep in mind that afaik Wisconsin state income taxes are still a deduction on the federal income tax form.)

~ by Servetus on October 5, 2021.

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  1. Wish I could deduct my (Georgia) state taxes. Been working since I was 19 & have yet to have a year where I get a refund from the state. 😐


    • I don’t know exactly what the deal is, and the law has changed, so see your tax advisor rather than relying on me. But US taxes are pretty regressive.


  2. The problems of the little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world – it’s so wrong. (I don’t understand RA’s comment ,’You can’t take it with you’, though, what has that got to do with the price of bread?)


    • yeah — esp because it seems like the point of a tax shelter (legal or not) is to preserve assets for future generations of a family or organization. You can’t take it with you, but you can pass it on to your family.

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  3. But he doesn’t have a family, does he? Perhaps this seemingly nonsensical comment actually speaks volumes about RA’s future family plans or at least his feelings about same. Last thing I saw on this topic was the Jan 2020 Telegraph article that included several pointedly direct quotes on what lay ahead for him and his partner on the family front. Have I missed something? Can you catch me up?


    • I don’t think we’ve heard anything new on that front. I would, however, like to point out that single people also have families. He has nephews to whom he appears to be quite close. However, I never had the feeling that he had a strong desire to have children.

      Years ago there was an interview in the FT where he said that he did not expect to inherit anything from his parents and preferred that they spend it on themselves (iirc).


  4. Absolutely, but since he referenced a significant other in The Telegraph interview, I figured he wasn’t speaking in the larger, extended family sense. But then again, that has been nearly 2 years ago. A lot can happen in that span of time.

    Unless, of course, he was pulling a Paul Bettany-style ruse (in which PB referenced acting with someone he had always wanted to play against in the finale of WandaVision, when in reality he was speaking about acting opposite himself). Could the person RA mentioned he was in a relationship with (describing it as “a good one”) be himself? Might seem an unlikely approach, but it would serve to pacify the interviewer and extricate RA from an uncomfortable line of questioning.


    • Armitage didn’t mention family; I did, by way of critiquing the notion that “you can’t take it with you.”

      re his plans, I think fan consensus is the person he was referencing in The Telegraph was probably Jim Gibb:

      This dinner preceded those interviews; Gibb was also spotted retroactively in pictures of TIFF 2019.

      One of those January 2020 interviews also quotes Armitage as saying he would have to arrange a surrogate in order to reproduce. I’m probably reading into it, but it seems like that would be a lot of work. But I don’t know and I don’t follow the more outre gossip sites as I used to. Maybe there’s more info elsewhere.


  5. Agreed the timing would suggest if RA and JG were spotted together twice in late 2019 that JG was likely the relationship RA referred to in the Jan 2020 interview (though I have not seen any photos of JG at TIFF 2019). In fact, if RA and JG were a couple since 2019 and both living in NYC, one wonders why more photos of the two together haven’t come to light.

    I also thought I read that RA has since moved back to the U.K. Do we know if this is true? And while living on separate continents does not preclude having a successful relationship, it certainly would complicate matters.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not making a case for or against the relationship. Just looking for more evidence to quell my curiosity. BTW, enjoy your blog as well as the others who follow RA. I’d be lost trying to stay informed about his many creative endeavors without your guidance.


    • I’d have to go back and look and I am strapped for time — but there were spottings of JG in photos at TIFF. Not full on photos. In any case, JG seems to have been there, whether with Armitage or not is unknown afaik. JG has been involved in subsidizing arts organizations.

      One reason that people were so stunned by the photos with Gibb was that there had almost never been photos of Armitage with anyone and certainly not officially sanctioned ones, esp with pre-Pace partners. (This is also why there was such an uproar over the photos with Annabel Capper back in 2010. There were just not many photos of him in any company at all.) He must be good at staying under the radar and/or getting his friends not to share photos he was in in places where they could be easily found. Pace was the exception in that he apparently had an enthusiastic photosharing family who couldn’t be kept completely under control.

      As to Armitage’s whereabouts: he was in the UK until at least August of 2021, when we know he watched the Champions League final with his family. Right now he’s in Seville. I don’t know where the birthday video was made and I don’t watch this question super closely any more. If he hasn’t been in the US since February and hasn’t finalized a citizenship application, he may start to have green card issues, but again, I don’t really know.

      Glad you enjoy the blog / Armitageworld.


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