Just say yes

~ by Servetus on October 17, 2021.

26 Responses to “Just say yes”

  1. Communion could take on a whole new meaning

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  2. Yes
    indeed yes

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  3. Wow! Si signora

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  4. And still with the amazing thighs. Aaaaah.

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  5. […] only one topic on my TL. 😂 And blog world already had spread the news, first via Esther, then Servetus, as well as Nellindreams and  Gratiana.  So, when I was asked by Violet whether I was going to […]


  6. Holy moly!

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  7. All that’s missing is the smell of incense.
    His posture perfectly reflects an inspired clergyman.
    Has he chosen to retreat in a monastery or a cloister, to find his inspiration, here is my thought today.


  8. He does get around, doesn’t he? I hope he’s at hotel Alfonso XII. Certainly looks like it. My all-time favourite hotel in Seville. I stayed there some 20 years ago with my hubby for a couple of days. We didn’t have a booking, only came in from the street, and they were very gracious and found us a really nice room with a view. Not as expensive as you would think.


  9. […] “Just Say Yes” (October 17). One of the first pictures of Armitage as Quart. Finally, a real reason for […]


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