OT: Squid Game? [no spoilers please]

So discussion of “Squid Game” is all the rage right now. Are you watching it? Is this something I would enjoy?

~ by Servetus on October 19, 2021.

24 Responses to “OT: Squid Game? [no spoilers please]”

  1. I’m as bewildered as you are. Sounds ghastly!

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  2. Ist hochgradig verstörend und trotzdem fürchterlich faszinierend und ultraspannend! Wenn man nicht immer so genau hinschaut, dann lohnt es sich. Bin auch nicht der blutrünstige Typ, aber das war es schon wert fand ich.

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  3. What I read about it:
    “SG evokes South Korean society and its unequal functioning3. “In itself, this is a bloody critique of the world of reality TV”
    The worst problem is: ” Ultraviolent series prohibited to under 16, but which is very popular with very young adolescents”.

    Definitively, I am not interested in watching such a …

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  4. I started watching it and in episode 3. Be sure to turn on the English Subtitles not the closed captioning. At first, I was perplexed, but something about these deadly childhood games has drawn me in. I think it’s the characters, especially the main one, and it really speaks about desperation. I think that last part makes it universal, this desperation, especially for people in debt.

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  5. I’ve watched it, and there is much more to it than just the violence. Make sure you turn on English Subtitles.

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  6. So far, I have seen only the first episode, as I got distracted by another series. As Fatima says, it does speak about desperation and what hope of a way out can make a person do, at least in the episode I’ve watched. It also speaks of cruelty. And yes, it is definitely bloody. It reminded me in concept of Hunger Games, but more so of the earliest version I’ve seen of this type of story that has stuck with me ever since I read it years ago. “The Long Walk” by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman.

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    • So interesting. I loved the Hunger Games books (so much so that I’ve boycotted the movies out of fear of being disappointed). But I almost never enjoyed a Stephen King story or novel, to the point that I have not read one in decades.

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      • The Long Walk is also about the culling of kids. (Squid Game isn’t kids.) It’s a novella which was part of The Bachman Books released in the ‘80’s. The movie The Running Man (Schwarzenegger) was in the same book. When I first saw The Hunger Games, I thought she must have read The Long Walk, although the latter isn’t kids against kids.


  7. My daughter have watched it and as a sociology student, she said it was really interesting. Well, there is violence so I haven’t decided yet to watch it or not (maybe I will give it a try).

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  8. I’m watching it with a mixture of revulsion and fascination. Yes there is violence, but as you keep watching it becomes a secondary issue. I imagine some people might stop after episode one, but my advice would be to keep going because things shift gears between episodes. The characters keep drawing one in, and each episode reveals more about their inner workings. It’s what might be described as psychological horror. Some episodes have more gore than others and some of the least violent ones are more disturbing. As I write this, I’m laughing because I’m not sure why anyone would watch it based on what I’ve written! I’ve never been one to shy away from uncomfortable viewing experiences, if what I’ve watched makes me ponder human nature. This series certainly has provoked some discussions in my household!


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