Quick catchup with Pilgrimage’s (other) leads

Tom Holland, Richard Armitage and Jon Bernthal in Pilgrimage (2017).

Because of the new Spiderman movie opening tonight, Tom Holland’s been in my viewfinder more often than usual lately. There was an interesting brief report in The Guardian, for instance. I had heard earlier that he had been cast in the upcoming Fred Astaire biopic, but not that he was having second thoughts about acting. (All the way to the bank, I suspect.) When I heard about the Astaire film, I thought how great a role that would have been for Richard Armitage, twenty years ago. Although maybe he would have resented the “tits and teeth” pieces of it. Astaire did dance into his film into his fifties.

And lest we let Jon Bernthal come short: he’s in King Richard. I didn’t notice him until I saw his name in the credits (“and” Jon Bernthal, I think it was). Honestly, I never recognized him as Rick Macci. This article basically says the same thing (that moment where you go, wait, Jon Bernthal is in this?). As the article substantiates, he really does have a compelling filmography.

[A lot of these articles are from Vulture and they may be paywalled. I’ve never had a problem if I open the article in a private window.]


~ by Servetus on December 17, 2021.

5 Responses to “Quick catchup with Pilgrimage’s (other) leads”

  1. I did not know that Tom Holland had a background in dance, not that I know that much about him to begin with, that just really surprised me.


  2. Hmm, I’d never think of Richard as Fred Astaire. Interesting that you do.
    Oh, and google Tom Holland’s Lip Sync Battle… He’s quite an impressive dancer!


    • Not now. But in his extremely sllim Lucas North Spooks 7 days? Totally. I mean, he said his favorite dance is the Argentine tango — also back then.

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