Looks like a knock-off Elf on a Shelf

~ by Servetus on December 20, 2021.

23 Responses to “Looks like a knock-off Elf on a Shelf”

  1. Reminds me of a pole Dancer


  2. Never understood Elf on a Shelf. It does look like someone is home for Christmas. That looks like an adapter for European outlets.


    • All I can say is ‘wildly successful marketing.” There’s really no other explanation. Also, hyper-Christian circles got into it for a while.

      That’s definitely the English socket on the right there.

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  3. made me smile, dancing little elf, bet he had a laugh posing him 🙂


  4. I agree looks like a knock off version. There are many Elf’s on the Shelf at the primary school I work at and they all have plain red legs. The face don’t look right either. The younger kiddos at the school love Elf on the Shelf. Last year working at the school was the first time I saw the Elf. Rather have a Gnome.


  5. My nephew’s wife has posted elf on the shelf every day since the week before Halloween. EVERY day. If that sucker is still around by New Year’s I can’t be responsible for what may happen.


  6. I’ve only been discovering this year that Elf on a Shelf seems to be such a big deal in de US. I mean, I knew it existed but apparently it’s much bigger than I ever realized.


  7. It’s probably just me but I find those shelf elves really creepy. It was never a thing here in Ireland, so luckily I never felt tempted to torture (threaten?) my kids with the “informer”…


    • I feel like yours is the majority opinion (and certainly among my friends).


      • And yet, it’s so popular… Ah well, the power of marketing, I guess.


        • I think for people who really get into the playful piece of Christmas, it’s probably attractive as it’s something to do to pacify the kids all the way through the holiday (like a more interactive advent calendar). I’m kind of damaged. My parents were not big on the secular aspects of the holiday anyway — “Jesus is the reason for the season” was the motto in our house.


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