2021 at “me + richard”

For comparison purposes, 2020 is here.

I want to thank everyone who continued reading, lurkers included, and everyone took the time to stay in touch. I couldn’t always respond the way I would have liked to, or might have earlier. (One task for 2022 is going to be the ongoing (re)construction of a life.) But I was grateful to you all.

168 posts this year, which is down even from last year, which was my worst year ever. I also made the longest ever pause in posting, of about three weeks, and had my worst month ever in terms of posts (October). No surprise here. Beyond the ongoing situation (COVID, dad’s health, and the ongoing political hangover), I attribute this outcome to moving out of the family home in June, dad’s death in October, and now my need to wrap up his estate. There was no significant Armitage project that interested me enough to permit me to gather enough concentration to watch it (until today, possibly). This says more about my life than the projects, no doubt. (In fact 20 percent of all 2020 posts related to Uncle Vanya, which I was truly excited about and which had no competitor this year.)


A school friend sent me this photo of dad (from the 1980s) yesterday; she found it in her parents’ old photos. Longtime readers may or may not remember that my dad really liked to grow pumpkins.


I’ve got little positive to say about 2021, except about my return to cooking the way I prefer. Well, and I didn’t get COVID (although HL did, during the Delta surge). As he said to me at the time, “what doesn’t kill us, doesn’t kill us.”

That does mean that I really have nowhere to go but up. Also, I have nowhere to go, at least for another week until my booster takes full effect. Last night on the news, a reputable local doctor said “if you go out on New Years, you will come home with COVID.” Tja.

Maybe I will reread this post in a year and think, “Things have gotten so much better!” I’m making no promises for 2022, except that I am not going to stop blogging. (Now, watch, I will have jinxed it.)


I’m picking this as my favorite photo of the year, although it could also be captioned “Milquetoast Armitage”. But we have been really starved since Vanya.

Herewith, my customary review of the ten most clicked-on posts for this year.

1. “Richard Armitage is using his pandemic free time to rebrand” (April 1). Seems characteristic of the year that the post with the most traffic was the annual April Fool’s Day joke.

2. “Maybe it’s just me” (May 17). Better news — Armitage expresses his sentiments about non-het relationships in a succinct tweet.

3. “Did I know that Richard Armitage” (April 21). Link to Armitage’s wikifeet page.

4. “The Big Five Oh” (August 21). Annual Richard Armitage birthday post. His fiftieth was probably the biggest fandom event of the year.

5. “Just Say Yes” (October 17). One of the first pictures of Armitage as Quart. Finally, a real reason for anticipation!

6. “Farewell, Fedoralady” (August 2). Probably the biggest fandom event to make a deep impression on me. We miss you, Angie, and I know how thrilled you would have been to binge “Stay Close” today.

7. “Time Passages” (November 7). Post marking dad’s death. [sigh]

8. “Uncle Vanya while moving” (May 8). Great Performances aired Uncle Vanya while I was moving — it was available on demand. I did not have the attention necessary to watch it. I binged The Crown in the evenings instead — a mixed pleasure. (This was the year I finally discovered binging. Another milestone.)

9. “Dwarf Camp was TEN YEARS AGO” (January 12). What it says on the tin.

10. “Starting with a small dog” (May 15). Leicester City wins the FA Cup. I’m gonna change my mind and say that was probably my favorite picture of 2021. I’m too lazy to go back and switch out the earlier one.


The camera focused on the dog, but my focus is on the smile.

[ETA: this is also the year that I hit my last apparent blogging milestone. So weird.]

My intention for 2022 is probably going to be to continue to try to see things as they are. This strategy has served me well for a while, and as I have a lot of big projects to start (see: reconstructing a life) it’s probably best not to act as if the world is full of castles in the air. My winter philosophy course starts in four days, and the first lesson is always about the “allegory of the cave.” It’s bracing — and necessary, for me at least.

Best wishes to you all for solar year 2022! For all who are suffering from loss, illness, and the many other difficult aspects of our lives these days, I wish you relief and comfort.

Now, to Stay Close.

~ by Servetus on December 31, 2021.

21 Responses to “2021 at “me + richard””

  1. “the first lesson is always about the “allegory of the cave.”
    🙂 I am waiting for my teacher…


  2. Yeah, it’s been a rough year, I soooo hope 2022 will be better! Wishing you all the best for the new year, Servetus, with all those challenges awaiting you. And I’m glad you’ll still be around blogging! 🙂


  3. I’m sorry for your loss 🖤🖤🖤


  4. Happy new year Servetus! Here’s to a better one for you.


  5. I love the picture with the dog (I’m sure you’re not surprised), mainly because it is a candid and he looks happy. The newest picture, I like only from the chin up, and I’d really like to mess up the perfectly coiffed hair! Hoping for a better 2022 for you and for all of us. Not sure if I’ll be able to watch Stay Close tonight. Just the mention that Armitage is in it is enough for my husband to suggest watching something else!


  6. Happy New Year!! I’m so glad you continue to blog. I hope next year will be better for us all. (Cue Next Year by Macklemore)


  7. Best wishes for a happy New year. Hopefully you can recharge your batteries from the last couple years.


  8. I’m so sorry for your loss! And you moved. What a year. ((Hugs)), Servetus! Here’s to 2022! 2021 was such a struggle. I feel optimistic about the year ahead. Happy New Year to you!


  9. So sorry for your loss, Servetus. I know what it is and I can tell you that time helps grieving and getting through, don’t worry, happy times are to come for you I’m sure of it. Carpe diem. Thnak you for sharing news about our favorite and so talented actor. Happy new year to all of you.


  10. […] For comparison purposes, 2021 is here. […]


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