She didn’t ask him about Dibley this time, did she?

~ by Servetus on January 6, 2022.

12 Responses to “She didn’t ask him about Dibley this time, did she?”

  1. Not in the clip you have here, but she introduced him as having been in Vicar of Dibley (and Spooks and The Stranger)… she couldn’t resist 😂.

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  2. Yes, and a clip with the Pride & Prejudice ‘noise’ was shown. RA seemed in very good spirits for 4.30pm. It’s intriguing that some of the books have their spines hidden, after the speculation about his book titles.

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    • I noticed the books turned around and wondered if he had done that to hide them for zoom calls or for style reasons. In interior circles there is quite a debate about whether having book spines hidden is stylish ( I think it was done in the Netflix show Halston so presumably the real Halston did it) or pretentious. I just wonder how you ever find a book if they are all turned inwards. It doesn’t strike me as the habit of someone who actually reads.

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      • I didn’t realise that ‘spinelessness’ was a thing, I suppose that avoids insecurities about reading preferences., but., yes, how do you find a book!

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        • There was a fashion for arranging books in colour order – which looks nice but relies on the owner remembering what colour the book jacket is in order to find it. And then people started turning books around so the colour doesn’t show at all – especially in monochrome rooms. No one likes a white wall more than me but I think that’s taking things too far.

          On another note RA has considerably more luck keeping plants alive than I do – unless they are fake, in which case in he has committed two design crimes in one day!

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    • yeah — I assume some people believe that this means he’s watching the fans again.

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  3. I’m betting the sweater/jumper is a new purchase from his ski trip to Park City. Don’t remember seeing it before. And so alert @ 4:30 AM. What’s his secret, do you think?

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  4. I got the distinct impression he was trying to keep from yawning a couple of times. 4:30 is awfully early. 😆

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