Stay Close 1.6 [includes spoilers for 1.1-1.6]

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Reminder: SPOILERS. Do not read this post if you do not want to read SPOILERS.


This was a somewhat better episode than the fifth one, mostly because we now have to be on the home stretch. There are only 90 minutes after this episode to tie up the many loose ends. So they have to reveal more information. The other plus was a number of really great Ray moments toward the end. Some great visuals for the Armitage fan. I was not that interested in Dave’s stag night. And at some point I need to calculate a percentage “implausibility ratio” in minutes.

The open is some history of the jerky murderers. I had no idea that anyone would arrange an accident in order to take on the female lead in Pinafore, or that if she did, that any guy would find that attractive. Whatever. On the other hand, this script does have the rough plausibility level of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. We see the female chloroform Kayleigh.

Back at the police station, Broome and Cartwright are trying to “rule Cassie out” as Harry’s murderer. She mentions she saw the “dumbass dancing duo” (thanks Lurkerella — for the rest of these posts I will call them the DDD), which would be more convincing to me if we had seen her seeing them. Cut to the Weak Signal, where Ray is also wondering about Megan’s kids, although for him it’s more about why Guy and Megan didn’t marry earlier.


This is the questioning thumbshot. Ray uses his thumb to reason through his thoughts.


They discuss Dave’s hotness quotient (I agree with Fester, incidentally, I would not run away from Dave in a darkened bedroom — unless he actually has some bad qualities other than concealing evidence relevant to a murder inquiry). Ray’s really got a lot of nerve saying Dave’s got anger issues at this point. Honestly, dude, back away. Following this up is doing you NO GOOD. I know a history professor who’d love to discuss your photography with you. Or anything else.

Dave’s embarrassing stag night begins, with Ray stalking him in the Volvo via social media.


Ray’s sinister stalking thumb. A little Latin never hurts. Or a little alliteration.


We finally see why Goldberg’s rotten: he needs money to pay for his daughter’s advanced piano lessons and coaching. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s meant to humanize Goldberg, in any case, although the joke about his daughter’s hair color is wildly tasteless and takes back any sympathy I had with him. I mean, who jokes about their child’s parentage? (As someone whose father occasionally called her “milkman’s child,” I may be overly sensitive.)

At the station, Cassie is doing an identikit of the DDD. The similarity is astounding. Goldberg walks in.


It’s interesting that she looks ostentatiously away from him, as if she knows him. Maybe it’s just that she doesn’t want him to see her.

The identikit photos are good enough that Goldberg recognizes and calls the DDD on a special phone for that purpose. It turns out that they work for Del Flynn, Mr. £100,000 Reward — I had kind of forgotten about him — and despite prior appearances, that Goldberg doesn’t have the power to command them. (So Flynn’s running Goldberg, not Lorraine. But that doesn’t explain how the DDD knew about Tawny Allure.) When they ask him if he recognizes Cassie, he lies. (Now I’m wondering who told the DDD what. If Del is running them, it would make sense to sicc them on Kayleigh, as there’s all kinds of social media evidence about what Kayleight was doing that night. But Lorraine or Broome has to have passed on the info about Tawny Allure. And it’s not clear why Lorraine would want Broome killed, apart from the obvious reason that he’s handling the case.) Anyway.

Now back to the stag night. Ray’s in the gents when Dave walks in, more than three sheets to the wind. They chat and eventually Dave waves Ray over to his table to do a shot of tequila. At the station, Broome guilts Cassie into revealing that the source of her information is Lorraine. He looks mildly taken aback. Randomly calling family members, Cassie reaches Lorraine and tells her that she’s revealed her identity as Stewart-Green-sighter to Broome. Lorraine is crying (it’s the wake for Harry), but she doesn’t seem much fazed. Cassie agrees to go to Vipers.

At Dave’s stag night, the question comes up of why Megan finally said yes, now. Good question.


He looks menacing. Honestly, this doesn’t totally fit with my picture of Ray, but he is drunk. Although I thought it was Jägermeister shots that made people homicidal, not necessarily tequila.


Menacing thumbshot.


But Ray’s sober enough to come with an excuse when he reveals he knows Megan’s name, and excuse himself.


Armitage fumans. Can I say that now?


Dave is not sober enough to leave things be. (Okay, so I wouldn’t want to spend a night in a darkened bedroom with him, after all.) Armitage gets to use his Spooks-era stunt skills (although I think I saw at least one frame that was probably a stunt man) and Ray just about kills Dave, before he’s saved by a flashback of (apparently) killing Stewart Green. Ray runs away.

Cassie arrives at Vipers. That fan dancer is there again. Cassie and Lorraine have a drink before Lorraine gives a speech. She begins as Broome walks in. When Broome confronts her afterward about not telling him about Stewart Green, she suggests she forgot about it, and he appears to accept this lousy explanation. They kiss as “this is goodbye” is being sung in the background.

Ray goes home.

Anguished, Ray demands that Fester accompany him somewhere.


And then he’s driving, we know not where. This is another moment where he looks somehow Russian to me. Those cheeks. Must be the Uncle Vanya hangover.


At Vipers, Broome asks why Lorraine lied to Ray about Cassie’s death. He, like all of us, wants to know why she didn’t just say that Cassie had moved to Canada. (OK, we want to know why Cassie didn’t move to Canada, period.) It’s clear that Lorraine didn’t like him. We get the answer to my question of two episodes ago, that Broome knew Ray because of interviewing him after Stewart Green’s disappearance. Lorraine casts a lot of shadow on Ray here, characterizing his attitude to her as “more like an addiction.”

Megan / Cassie comes home to learn that Kayleigh’s been abducted by person or persons unknown. Bea doesn’t know where she is. Megan can’t locate her on the GPS app. She talks to the DDD woman who tells her where to meet and threatens here. Here we begin with the “Broome isn’t answering his phone” device. As Megan leaves, she grabs — cough — a bread knife.

Next, Del Flynn is mourning his son, then we see him in a nursing facility next to a comatose body (which we later see has a trach inserted in it), who is by implication of the photos in the room, his wife. (Did we know this?) While he’s there, Goldberg calls him to complain about the DDD. Del brushes him off, then promises his unconscious wife that he will find Carlton.

It’s twelve minutes to close, so the tension has to rise now. Cassie is driving to the meet with the DDD. Ray and Fester are in the woods.


A tortured Ray tells us that this the place they were on “that night,” i.e., the night of Stewart Green’s murders.


Lots of flashbacks to gory Ray, but I guess I still don’t really feel like capping them.

A clever Cassie — I will say I admire her resourcefulness — fakes out the DDD. She is able to circumvent the woman, find the cabin where Kayleigh is being held, and then SAW THROUGH the rope holding her in WITH A BREAD KNIFE. Wow, good grab, Cassie, much better than a Santoku. The male DDD doesn’t notice it because he is singing Gilbert and Sullivan again, but hears them scream or something, so he screams, alerting the female DDD (not her bra size) and gives chase. Sensible for a change, Cassie and Kayleigh make it to the car before he does, and drive off with him clinging to it. He eventually falls off, and appears to hit his head.

Broome sleeps through Cassie’s phone call, happily in the arms of Lorraine. She promises Kayleigh to keep them safe and drives to the police station, where she ends up in the problematic hands of Goldberg. Unfortunately, he locks them in and calls the DDD, which makes him look bad. Cassie and Kayleigh take the opportunity for a mother-daughter heart-to-heart in which Cassie explains convincingly why she chose exotic dancing as a career path. Cue a chorus of “What I Did For Love.” Just kidding, it’s been a long day. She was probably more appreciated than some history professors are. Cassie does reassure her daughter that she would kill for her.

Meanwhile, Goldberg tells the DDD how to enter the station without being seen. REALLY? THEY HAVE AN ENTRANCE WITH NO CCTV? IN THE MOST HEAVILY SURVEILLED NATION IN ALL OF CRIME FICTION?? But, surprise, surprise, he locks chick DDD in a different room when she arrives. Sadly for Goldberg, she alerts male DDD (who is NOT dead — also pretty implausible that he’s that stable on his feet after that kind of impact with the rock on the country road), who garottes Goldberg. Very artistic montage of Goldberg thinking of his daughter as he’s suffocating. Although I guess that none of it is captured on CCTV.

Broome finally looks at his phone. Hungover Dave at the morning-after breakfast realizes he doesn’t know how Megan is. And Ray is driving back, as all of the flashbacks coalesce and we see a frame of Stewart Green in the back of Ray’s car. Just as Ray sees it himself.


Shocked Ray.


Shocked thumb. You can tell because it’s so upset that it can’t be capped sharply.

Two more episodes.

~ by Servetus on January 6, 2022.

15 Responses to “Stay Close 1.6 [includes spoilers for 1.1-1.6]”

  1. I thought exactly as you about the police station
    It’s another universe entirely but as mu OH keeps annoyingly saying ‘it’s entertainment’


  2. Thank you! Glad to be of service.
    The show is catchy and a mess at once. Maybe Covid restrictions have heavily affected the series, idk. The hut in the woods is really lovely, with its lace tents. DDD are always so aesthetic – and so irritating. Bofur in love is insufferable, and I can’t stand the bad cop/good dad anymore.
    But everyone lives in fancy houses, has big cars, and makes jobs with very loose working time, so probably this is not a thriller but a fantasy.


    • it’s definitely not a noir, that’s for sure. I think the hint is that Megan works in social services somehow, but we never hear what Dave’s job is.

      In the end, I just didn’t find the way the show talked about love very realistic.


  3. I know why Cassie didn’t go to Canada- because they wouldn’t have let her in. She couldn’t migrate with no papers and I don’t suppose stripping is on the list of skills shortages.

    Mr B and I were arguing about whether Greene was actually in Rays car in the present or whether that was a flashback.


  4. Loved the solitary smoker Ray and loved his scene at the stag and the way RA grabbed Dave’s wrist.


  5. Not even for RA can I linger on gory Ray.


    • it was a struggle to make myself go back and slo mo those scenes again to try to figure out what was going on.


  6. […] from here. Keep in mind disclaimers […]


  7. Oh, Ray’s tattoos ! There’s defintely something’s wrong with his tattoos. I mean, he can’t have done all this ink on his arms in the pas weeks. So his tats must have been done years and years ago (+ or – 17 years ago when he was dating Cassie obviously). Somebody forgot that tattoos don’t remain black … (I’ve got one on my shoulder I made 20 years ago and I can say it’s not that black at all !).


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