Speculation before the last episode [spoilers for 1.1-1.7]





This bugged me all night. Something about that burner phone in Goldberg’s apartment is fishy — supposedly it has him mentioning Megan Pierce as Sutton’s witness, but when the DDD called to ask, Goldberg told them he didn’t recognize the name. Also, if the DDD are being run by Del Flynn, it doesn’t make sense that the DDD or Flynn would care about Cassie.

And I agree with Bolly that that flashback scene at the end of 1.6 is weird. If Ray is the murderer, the little bit of blood in that flashback is not consistent with all Ray’s “covered in blood” flashbacks, which then can’t be from the murder night.

[ETA: it’s also suspicious that Harry comes off without any dirt on him. The junkie with the heart of gold?]

So, going out on a limb now with where I am.

1. Stewart Green has been dead for 17 years. Green was murdered by someone who wanted his money — either Lorraine or the bouncer. Cassie discovered Stewart Green’s body in the woods and ran away, stole his money and shared it with Mrs. Green, then “disappeared.” Ray arrived after her, assumed she did it, and moved the body. As she disappeared afterwards, they never discussed what happened and he repressed it. The repression was possibly helped on by someone beating him up to try to get him to say where Stewart was.

2. Stewart Green’s murder is a separate conceptual issue from the pattern of murders in the woods, but connected in that some of the same people are involved or overlap.

3. Carlton Flynn’s murder is one of the pattern murders identified on the Keyboard Warrior’s bulletin board. Kayleigh was close enough to it to get Carlton’s necklace, but not the murderer. She had his car keys even before (for an unexplained reason) and used the car to get home, told her father the story, and let her father dispose of the car after it came out that Carlton was missing.

4. Lorraine is the pattern murderer herself or knows who is (the bouncer?). The murderer planted Carlton Flynn’s bank card in Ray’s car. I just can’t figure out what her motive would be either for killing Stewart, or reviving the whole thing now. Maybe she thinks Cassie knows where Stewart Green’s money ended up.

5. Guy Tatum was collateral damage — killed while Carlton Flynn was being pursued. He’s a red herring and the bar brawl (plus Ray’s fight with Dave) is supposed to make us think Ray murdered Stewart Green.

OK, I’m probably wrong about all of this due to confirmation bias (my partial inability to see Ray as Stewart Green’s murderer, and my total inability to see him as a serial murderer).

Will be back with the last recap late tonight.

~ by Servetus on January 7, 2022.

5 Responses to “Speculation before the last episode [spoilers for 1.1-1.7]”

  1. Very interesting to read this having now seen the final episode 😃

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  2. Ditto. Interesting theories.

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  3. So, I ran about 50%.

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  4. Very interesting. You would make a better detective than Bofur or Fanny ( although Fanny was very distracted by childcare issues to give her her due).

    I realise reading this summary I had completely forgotten Guy.


    • LOL. I had info they didn’t have. And Bofur was totally blinded by his love for Lorraine.

      The reason I classified Guy as a red herring in my speculations is that I couldn’t really figure out why the story was included. It added a fun character (Simona) and I guess it gave Ray a reason to be at Vipers, but they spent soooo little time on that story, and even Ray didn’t seem to be that upset about it. (There was also that thing about how Ray’s mates worked at the builder’s yard, and we never saw anything about that, either). I felt like I had to explain his murder but I couldn’t see why anyone would want him dead (maybe because we didn’t get to meet him). Everyone else was very clearly a jerk. Guy was marginally a jerk, at least from the audience perspective.

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