Stay Close 1.7 [includes spoilers for 1.1-1.7]

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Reminder: SPOILERS. Do not read this post if you do not want to read SPOILERS.


I found this episode a bit tedious, too, but maybe just because of my own mood at the moment. (I just corrected the homeworks about errors in inductive reasoning. Always fun.) I was always pleased that I was right that the bouncer was the one who was hassling Jordan Shaw, although I was wrong (I didn’t write this down, but I was thinking about it last night) that the source of the money for Mrs. Green was somehow Del Flynn (who is the only person who has shown any connection to large amounts of money). But I guess we now know that Stewart Green did, too (how? we know almost nothing about him). In the end I was a bit annoyed that the episode teased at least one significant conversation that we didn’t see (Cassie and Kayleigh, about Carlton) and one revelation that we should have by now (why was Stewart Green in Ray’s backseat?). I am still out on whether Armitage’s portrait of Ray ultimately works for me. He hasn’t been asked about it very much, but the wide swings are a little surprising. After all this time where he’s just seemed like a lowlife / Bohemian with a broken heart, now he’s revealed as an obsessive? But I know actors are very much at the mercy of the script.



B & E thumbshot.

This episode opens with Ray breaking into the Shaw’s house, apparently to sniff at Megan’s life? Or rather to schmear his thumb all over everything.


Contact list with thumb.


Wedding crasher thumb.


Snoop thumb.


Eureka thumb.

Two more big implausibility points as he manages to go directly to the one keepsake from him that Cassie has — and also escapes the house without the police — who have come to investigate it as a crime scene for Kayleigh’s abduction — apparently noticing him. Fester, driving the getaway car, wants to know what Ray remembers, but Ray insists he has to talk to Cassie.


That is a super tacky suit. We’re supposed to think this is Stewart Green, but we just saw him dead in Ray’s car, so. But if he’s Stewart Green, how does he know that Cassie’s in the station?


Cassie, being questioned in the wake of her flight to the station, insists she’s told Broome and Cartwright everything. We know this isn’t true, because she still hasn’t told anyone else everything. She rejects the hypothesis that recent events in her life have anything to do with Carlton Flynn. Police assistant Lianne has found the DDD’s rental car plates and is on the job. Broome sees Kayleigh and thinks he recognizes her. (At least this time the script takes the sensible step of him having to refresh his memory.)

Dave arrives at the police station to meet his family — they will be moving to a safe house of some kind. Kayleigh wants to get some chocolate while her parents speak and somewhat hilariously asserts that “she’ll be fine” in the station. [Uncontrolled coughing.] Cassie admits to Dave that the kidnapping was provoked by an attempt to get to her, and also that she had a previous identity.


The plastic carnival ring has the power to turn Ray into a full obsessive. This transition seems really abrupt to me. Still, nice lighting on the face — my favorite angle.


Back in his kitchen, Fester wants to keep Ray away from his phone and thus from Cassie. Ray is emphatically not having it. This is another really neat scene (reminds a bit of the end of HP 2, where Dumbledore mentions to Neville that it’s harder to stand in the way of your friends than your enemies) and Fester’s willingness to speak the brutal truth illuminates his deep friendship for Ray. Ray doesn’t take it well and accuses Fester of hiding his knowledge of her the whole time. Maybe Fester should have tried playing that Taylor Swift song to him, but Ray is angry and storms out.

Among the police, Lianne has found the DDD’s pictures — Broome says they’re too young to be involved with the Stewart Green thing. His “serial killer” theory is under siege. He glimpses Kayleigh’s jacket and realizes that she’s in some of the Carnival photos with Carlton Flynn, which he saw at the Keyboard Warrior’s house. He’s frustrated that Kayleigh hasn’t told the cops she was with Flynn (although that seems to be a pattern in this episode).

[My question as I’m antsy: No one’s noticed this whole time that Goldberg is AWOL?]

Next we see the Shaws going to their safe house — which I find really improbable — it’s very exposed. Cassie’s about to talk to her obviously distraught daughter when Cartwright and Broome walk up. So now the safe house is also being visited openly by the cops (which we see again later). She recounts the story we’ve already seen, is pretty unrepentant about not telling the police before that she had seen him, and mentions briefly that Carlton was in an argument with someone at the bar — an East Asian guy in a pink hoodie.


Bethany Antonia as Kayleigh Shaw. Broome tells her that now is the time for her to tell them everything, but she doesn’t, in part because Cassie intervenes.


When the cops leave, Cassie wants Kayleigh to tell her the truth  — but we don’t see that conversation (now or later).

Leaving, Cartwright says she believes Kayleigh. Broome notes that Kayleigh’s info comes out of the blue, and if the kidnapping was intended to shake Cassie, then the kidnappers didn’t know about Kayleigh’s encounter with Carlton. In the course of the conversation, they realize there must be a leak at the police station.

The DDD are sunning themselves on Del Flynn’s lawn — this is a scene that more or less only serves to give the DDD a reason to go to vipers. But there’s a lot of threatening on both sides. He wants them to work more and not to show up on his lawn, they want him not to swear and also to give them more money.

Before they get there, Broome and Lorraine meet there and have a conversation. Broome wants her to be treated for cancer in Sweden in an experimental program, and she tells him that terminally ill girls just want to have fun, and he should stick to making her laugh. She wants to stay with her Vipers family. (I’d actually agree with her if I weren’t still fairly sure that she’s somehow involved in the Stewart Green scam.) He then sings “Sweet Lorraine” to her. I’d question why they spend so much time on this, but obviously they’re vamping until the DDD can arrive.

DDD, in the parking lot, get more of Flynn’s money and talk about their planned honeymoon. DDD chick suggests that they could retire after their honeymoon, but DDD dude seems sad to hear that. “This” is their couple hobby. (I guess bowling isn’t twee enough.) They see Broome and Lorraine kissing and speculate that she has info they want (from Broome).


Ray’s thumb wistfully rubs the Carnival charm ring outside Cassie’s house.


Back at the safe house, Dave is throwing rocks into the sea. He’s angry (he honestly has got a lot of nerve, given that he hasn’t told Cassie about his escapade with Carlton Flynn’s car). She claims that she’s the same person he knew (except for that name thing. This is coincidentally funny to me because tomorrow in philosophy we’re talking about identity). He wants “time apart.” She appeals to his sense of family. He remembers the scene in the street on his stag night, asks her how many times she’s been engaged, and learns that she can’t admit she was engaged to Ray.

As Dave walks away, she gets a voicemail from Ray, who now remembers what happened to Stewart Green and wants to meet. Tacky bald suit guy watches this — so Goldberg can’t have been the only leak at the police station. Or he’s just randomly hanging out at the coast. They focus so much on filming the dragon embroidery on his shoulder that one kind of thinks it’s a clue. But I don’t know to what. It’s been a long day. (Is that a viper?)

Aware of the leak, Cartwright looks suspiciously at her coworkers (and there’s an ostentatious shot of her singing her child to sleep via FaceTime while she looks at a gruesome murder photo on her computer). She talks to Broome in the hallway — he wants her to get more surveillance footage to locate pink hoodie guy. She freezes Lianne out when Lianne asks her about Kayleigh shore. Could she be implicated in the leak, too? Then why would she show Cartwright the footage from the uniforms that shows Goldberg at the Harry Sutton crime scene? We see Goldberg take something out of the crime scene van and conceal it in his coat. At home, Broome works on identifying pink hoodie, while Cartwright discovers evidence is missing in the Sutton case.

Anyway, Lorraine slows Broome down by arriving for a sleepover. When he wakes, he calls Cartwright, says “Goldberg,” and rushes away. They search his apartment (with a warrant, and “professional standards” are looking for his phone / GPS location) and find the missing evidence bag and the phone (which we know is the DDD phone). TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE, this phone appears not to have a PIN, but a text verifies that it was used to pass on the information about Harry / Cassie.

A weird conversation between Cassie and Kayleigh ensues, in which Cassie informs Kayleigh that her main memories of Vipers are good ones and the world isn’t such a horrible place. It turns out that Bea is also coming to visit. This is the most porous safe house ever.

I really like Cush Jumbo’s pullovers, but I’m too tired to cap one right now.

At the police station, they have already located pink hoodie guy — who also failed to get in touch about Carlton Flynn but knew him, admits to producing legal amounts of GHB — a date rape drug — which he did not sell but gave away. He alibis himself for the whole night with his social media accounts. Finally, he mentions seeing Guy Tatum and identifies Ray as having been at Vipers that night.

So Broome and Cartwright break in at Ray’s. We’re now at the “speed up” moment in the episode. They see all the photos of Cassie are gone, leaving holes. Broome finds Carlton Flynn’s credit card in Ray’s car. My first thought was “plant,” but that was my Armitage Protective Mode switching on. I’d also have to speculate about who would want to pin Flynn’s disappearance on Ray. Main candidates: Lorraine (for reasons as yet unclear) and possibly Dave (if he’s hiding something else, like knowing more about Ray than he has let on), and certainly Stewart Green if there still is a Stewart Green. They also find a jazillion illegal depressants in his kitchen (so I was right to recognize the lugubriousness of the addict in Ray’s remorse).


Another evocative shot.


Fester calls to update Ray about the cops, tells him to stop protecting Cassie, and suggests that it’s time to run. Ray ignores all this.

Maybe Cassie did want to meet Ray, but she’s interrupted by tacky shaved-head suit guy — it’s the bouncer (Rudy is his name). Seeing Cassie at Vipers made Rudy realize that she and Stewart hadn’t run away together, so she must have killed him. He wants his cut of Stewart’s money. Cassie says that she didn’t kill anyone, that she took some of it, plus a suitcase full for Mrs. Green. (Why that? Seems weirdly altruistic. Atonement for something bigger? Like an insurance payout?)  When a cop spots them, Rudy disappears and Cassie goes back into the house. So much for Ray.

Inside the sculpture, it’s Broome who confronts Ray (GPS found his location) rather than Cassie. Ray rushes Broome, but Broome gets the literal upper hand (ouch).


Ray proclaims that he killed Stewart. Question: does he believe this? Or is this just a ruse to protect Cassie (the way is scripted in this episode kind of points that way).


However, he rejects Broome’s assertion that he stole Carlton’s credit card or that he murdered anyone else. He then breaks free and runs away, bonking Broome on the Adam’s apple with his head. Ouch.

At his home, Del Flynn sees the DDD’s pictures on his TV in conjunction with the report that Goldberg is missing. Marlene Flynn is there and I had forgotten her. (So is the woman in the hospital bed from last time his ex-wife?) Marlene reassures Del that doing everything to get Carlton back is the right thing — but why is she so enthusiastic about getting Carlton back?

The cops are swarming over the sculpture again, as Broome asks what else he has missed. (My answer: Lorraine. Lorraine.) He’s also bothered that Ray wouldn’t admit stealing Carlton’s credit card. And then admits to Cartwright that Lorraine has cancer. Cartwright shows him photos that Ray has been taking every year on April 16 and then Broome goes back to his statement from episodes ago that Carnival can’t coincide with the date every year. I’m having a hard time believing that Ray is compelled to photograph the area on the 16th of every year and has no memory of what else happened there.

But that’s not the end of the implausibility. The show is really trying to confuse us over whether the serial killer theory stands up — and seems to be unraveling the theory as we speak. But as Broome and Cartwright explore the area, they find a metal handle to a door to a bunker that turns out to be a gruesome charnel house kind of place. Given how often the police have been up there just in the week of this show, you can’t tell me that the signs they follow were not noticed by anyone else. But the charnel house of course supports the serial killer idea. I’m tempted to say that there are serial murders going on and the murder of Stewart Green is separate, but I can only say that because I don’t know what Ray remembered or whether either he or Cassie is telling the truth about the events of that night.

At Vipers, DDD looks like he’s ready to murder Lorraine. At the safe house, Cassie has Carlton’s necklace / charm (this she must have gotten from Kayleigh, in the conversation we didn’t get to see) and flings it into the sea.

It doesn’t help that I’m watching these late at night. Anyway, my money is on Lorraine still somehow masterminding Stewart Green’s disappearance and Ray being involved as a factotum but not as the murderer in the sense of intent. I may only be saying that — especially after episode 6 — because I’m partial to Armitage. My only problem is I don’t know why Lorraine would have murdered Stewart Green, and I don’t know why she would want to start all this mishegoss by implying to Cassie that he’s still alive and looking for her.

Ah well. Once more tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Stay Close 1.7 [includes spoilers for 1.1-1.7]”

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  2. I can’t imagine a worse place for a safe house as that remote exposed place. Armitage’s pain when his arm was twisted by Nesbitt was so convincing.


    • Seriously. And I seem to remember from Spooks that they try not to have the whole world going in and out of safe houses.

      I thought that scene was really convincing, too — “he’s in so much pain!” I thought. But then he got up and basically shook it off. (Although Megan / Cassie did that too)

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  3. Just leaving this here before moving to the next post as I watched 7 and 8 together. This episode was so disjointed and I wondered what had been left on the editing room floor that might have been helpful. 5 minutes into this episode we stopped to check we hadn’t missed an episode out. Mainly – why did no one wonder where Goldberg was and why Megan and Kayleigh were locked in the Police staff locker room.


    • This was at least the second time when something fairly important happened really late. (the other time was Kayleigh and Bea making it to the woods to “look for Carlton” — well, Bea was looking anyway).

      I assume Goldberg locked them in because he wanted to make sure that the DDD didn’t get them. Which begs the question of why he informed the DDD. That’s why I found that text so fishy — it was like he thought if he just let them in the station to talk to someone, they were endangered. Did he think there was someone else who was being run externally and could betray them?


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