Reading when you don’t know the vocabulary

~ by Servetus on January 20, 2022.

22 Responses to “Reading when you don’t know the vocabulary”

  1. i have no idea what that means. I guess that means I’m not the target audience for it


  2. I know a little bit about it. Warhammer started as a tabletop war game (complete with miniature solders & such) and has spawned a number of video games. The little figures (which can be purchased online & in many comic book stores) can be pricey.
    Why do I know this? The joys (or not) of being the mom of 2 boys who love videogames. And who usually is the one who takes them shopping in comic book stores. Sigh Nothing quite like taking 4-5 teenage boys on an hour & a half trip – one way – to the nearest store & hearing them talk all things geek. Keeps me up on stuff I’d be pretty clueless about otherwise.

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    • I knew someone would know! Thanks for coming to the rescue. And I am sure your sons are very appreciative of all of your logistical support! (and if they are not they should be).


  3. I’m not a gamer, but as I’ve said many times, any day we can hear Richard’s voice is a damn great day. Even when he lowers the pitch to a level nearly indiscernible as his own.


    • If you say so. I won’t hear this as I don’t intend to buy a gaming system for this purpose, just as I didn’t buy an Oculus Rift in order to listen to his voice on Tide’s Fall. I hope it gives him exposure / work. I am always hoping that all these highly acclaimed voice projects will get him a role in a prestige animated film, but so far I have been waiting in vain.


  4. La maîtrise de l’orthographe est de plus en plus un moyen de discrimination à l’embauche. Quand le bagage de connaissances requises pour l’emploi convoité est acquis par les candidats, la sélection se repose sur des critères subjectifs (pires comme l’ apparence) , la présentation, le language… Posséder cette capacité n’est pas l’intérêt majeur du monde des “geeks”. Je fais pas mal de fautes, alors …


  5. Greek to me, too. I listened in to the little trailer, and I found his voice completely obscured by tech effects, though. Maybe it was just for that scene, though… Anyway, it’s a performance that will pass me by because I am not a gamer. But if the job gets him further exposure in the gaming scene, good for him.


    • Yup, that’s pretty much where I am (I didn’t listen to the trailer, either — I am not in this for the voice). That said, it did remind me of when he followed the video game creators back in 2014. I don’t remember the game except a dog was somehow involved. Anyway I remember the uproar. Meanwhile it seems like all the cool kids are doing videogame voice overs.


  6. Oh, that old game ? I had no idea there were books about it but it makes sense, though. (my brother was– and is still — into gaming and Warhammer was released during the 80’s so… )


  7. I wonder if this fits in the same pattern with the Kingsman movies. Guys don’t want to watch dance movies but they will watch movement if violence is involved. Guys don’t want to be artistic but they will if a game is involved. I’m not criticizing it, I just think it’s interesting.

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  8. Never heard of this before. Maybe my son knows this? I’ll ask him.

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  9. Oh, interesting! I don’t know much about Warhammer to be honest, but it’s in the periphery of what I’m in to recently (tabletop games, d&d). I hope this does give him a breakthrough in the genre. A bit of a stretch, but kind of like how David Tennant now voices for an animated show based on a d&d game.

    The only warhammer specific thing I know is that Henry Cavill of the Witcher is into painting the miniatures. Hope you’re having a safe 2022!


  10. […] audiobooks and I just don’t go together well. One of the new projects is apparently also his voicing of the baddie in a game called Warhammer. I’d never heard of that game before and when I asked Junior he said he knew of the game but […]


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