Will I or won’t I

Bad news today about Elton John, who’s got the virus. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

After my mid-level Rocketman obsession, I bought tickets for a farewell tour concert for April of 2020. I was offered the chance to return the ticket or accept a rescheduled date, and I ended up keeping the ticket. At that point, April 2022 seemed like a long way off (eighteen months). Lately it’s seemed like it could happen, although I’ve been debating whether I really want to go to a superspreader (I am vaxxed twice and boosted).

Now I’m wondering again whether it will happen. I fully acknowledge this is a first world problem. Also, I really believe that Elton will make it happen if it’s within his power. I’m just wondering how much is within anyone’s power anymore.

~ by Servetus on January 26, 2022.

23 Responses to “Will I or won’t I”

  1. Interesting question. I wouldn’t but I am definitely at the cautious end of the spectrum. I’ve heard of doubled vaccinated and boosted people getting Covid and although they don’t get it badly they still feel pretty rough. And long covid scares the bejesus out of me having never got my full mojo back post glandular fever aged 40. On the other hand there aren’t going to be that many opportunities to see EJ again so it is a once in a lifetime gig really. Not helping really am I?

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    • Go! Do not let to go!!
      If you keep is if you lose…


    • I’ve been so careful — since ten days before Christmas I have been nowhere in public other than the lobby of the bank and post office. (And I’ve been amazed at how much of life can be conducted via outside pickup, delivery, and screen.) My gasoline consumption has fallen by 3/4. The only human I’ve exposed myself to is HL. (Not that that’s particularly safe, but I can’t avoid my brother.)

      We’re currently at what is estimated to be the peak of Omicron by the local experts. If there isn’t another serious variant, we might be as safe in April as we have been since pre-pandemic. But i share your concerns about long COVID.

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  2. Hello and heartful thoughts from France. I get it. Yes I confirm here too, many people double vaxxed and the boost too more recently, yet they caught the omicon variant and were very tired. Wishing you the best, to EJ too, and let’s hope the end end of this pandemic will comme soon. Now mabe I’m always too much optimistic but in april the pandemic might be less spreaded and collective immunity even for those like us who are vaxxed may give you the you the opportunity to go ann see EJ. Have a nice day all RA fans


    • The experts here are really divided — about half are saying that Omicron could be the end — transition from pandemic to endemic — and about half are saying there could be another serious variant. In general I’ve been keeping out of the public because (a) the hospitals are full, I don’t want to make things worse and (b) if I have to be taken care of at home, that’s a huge pain for my brother’s family.


      • I get it. The four of us (2 kids) have been living like “hermits” (hermitage for me, lol) since so many months in here, my husband having a lung fragility since childhood we are anxious since the beginning. What an awful period of time for all, yet, positive things sometimes come out of it like home office (which was not to be considered in the firm I work with before the pandemic) allowing me to see more of my little kids and my husband, and read more RA fanfictions in the week-ends. I know, I’m too optimistic sometimes, a flaw. Stay safe and take care all of you. Heartful thoughts


        • I also feel like increased opportunities to work from home are a positive outcome, but I know people are extremely mixed on that!


  3. I have the same issue with Celine Dion. Concert has been postponed 3 or 4 times (first date was May 2020 for Zagreb) due to Covid situation and her helth issues with muscle spasms. A couple of days she cancelled the rest of USA tour and now I am only waiting to see when Europe will be, too. I am 2 vaxxed and boosted. So still wondering should l go if her illnes permits.

    Right now my parents are positive on home test (both 2 vaxxed and Dad boostered), but can’t be pcr tested until 2 February due to awaiting list – they won’t be positive anymore by then, so what’s the use of it? It’s crazy here. I was negative on home test, but that could easily change since we live together and we can’t avoid closeness because of my disability.

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  4. Tough decision. If the situation is still bad then, maybe it’ll be postponed.

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    • I bought this ticket mostly because I thought it would be a mistake to miss him performing live, after everything I read about him and his career — but it seemed to be a pattern even before the pandemic that he frequently cancelled a concert date for various reason. At the same time, he seems to absolutely live to perform; SueBC (another blogger) and I were speculating about whether he’d be able to make himself stop. I just hope he doesn’t end up with long COVID.

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  5. Keep your ticket !
    I have ticket for 2 rescheduled concerts (the Cure and Iron Maiden) and I will keep them ; I really want to see them on stage (keeping my fingers crossed because one of the concert is in Paris)
    I know, I might be a bit optimistic…
    But I’m fully vaccinated (x3). Things could be worse though : my daughter just got the COVID this week. I am still negative and so is my partner.

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    • I hope your daughter and you and partner are all okay! Speedy recovery!

      At this point they are not offering to refund the ticket — had I wanted to do that, I would have needed to do it late in 2020. I could have had that ticket refunded and then bought a better one for the same money — due to dynamic pricing. Now if I didn’t go I could resell the ticket, but that seems like a hassle. I would also take a loss at current prices, anyway.

      I hope you get to see Iron Maiden and The Cure!


  6. Hopefully EJ will be okay!
    On the ticket issue I am with the majority here. Keep it. You still can decide short term not to go but it really might be a once in a lifetime opportunity


    • I hope he will, too. He just had a hip replacement surgery. As my dad often said, old age is no joke.

      And yeah. I assume he will want to tour until he dies or they amputate his vocal cords, but I don’t know that he will be able to.

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  7. I didn’t know that about Elton, hope he has a mild case and recovers soon!

    We have concerts scheduled for May and July (the one we were going to in January has been postponed to October). I keep on thinking by then it will be fine but so far it isn’t, so who knows? If concerts are allowed again and safety measures are in place, we will go, triple-vaxxed and with masks.


    • In April I’d be five months away from my booster, so I wonder if there will be new guidance by then. I’d probably feel safer with another one? Maybe?

      I hope you can go. I think we’re all well on the way to stir craziness at this point.


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