When Richard Armitage pays retail

I got an alert that offered to sell me Ray’s leather jacket for only $155 US. In all kinds of sizes, too.

I wonder if Richard Armitage took this one home with him and if so, if that means he’s gotten off of his previous Belstaff addiction. I took a look at the page of Belstaff men’s leather jackets and that pointy collar is definitely not on at the moment. Smaller collar, higher price. Since he mentioned recently that Todd Snyder is still a favorite (remember what an uproar this photo caused?), and Todd seems to have a few leather jackets with that collar — but with front flap pockets, and at ten times the price. Armitage got in relatively early there (or was it Ilaria Urbinati?), only two years after Snyder founded his brand, but still two years before Snyder sold it to American Eagle.

~ by Servetus on February 5, 2022.

2 Responses to “When Richard Armitage pays retail”

  1. Those sites offering similar RA jackets are hilarious. It’s the man that’s inside them that matters not the garment – and no one else will become him by wearing similar.


    • I also don’t think he’s a mass identification symbol for men who are trying to look sexier. (although who knows). And women aren’t going to buy this jacket.

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