Heads up: There could be more Thorin Oakenshield merch coming

Sol Zaentz is selling their Tolkien IP rights. Expected price: $2B USD and upwards. This was an interesting article. I did not realize that Hobbit films were also involved in the ongoing litigation between the various stakeholders.

I’m trying to think about which new Thorin merch I’d want. I could go for some ceramics for sure, and maybe some really good dwarf-forged cooking utensils and pans.

Told ya I loved Fiestaware.

~ by Servetus on February 9, 2022.

12 Responses to “Heads up: There could be more Thorin Oakenshield merch coming”

  1. Is it “normal” to be watching The Hobbit trilogy several times a week?? And get chills every time I hear, and watch, Richard Armitage sing, “Misty Mountains Cold”?
    I want Thorin merch and Fiestaware!

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    • Thorin is irresistible — I’ve certainly seen AUJ upwards of forty times in the theater and on TV and screens.

      I also feel like some of the hot Finnish porcelain designers should get in on this. High style!

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      • Thank you, Serv, for answering my silly question! I was watching AUJ last night and paused on scene when dwarves are frolicking naked in the fountain, trying to see who was who. I know you guys have intelligent conversations here – – when you go high I go low😉!
        Merch: I would love models of Thorin arms and hands.
        Last rhetorical: Is it normal to stare at pictures of the back of a man’s neck??


        • I think the only reason we didn’t discuss that extensively was that it was maybe not in the original version, but only in the extended one?

          Thorin hands!

          Back of neck: I’m sure you found that post about his hairline, no? 🙂

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  2. I’ll take the Thorin merch. Some hair product would be nice, actually. Would love to have those luscious locks.

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  3. LOL! Maybe his stout footwear? Although perhaps the world needs more of this:


  4. How about a pillow of Thorin to bury your face into every night? And maybe have some more Pop!Thorins made. I didn’t get one at the time and the second hand prices on Ebay are exorbitant. I’m not going to pay $100 for such a little doll.

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