Me eating more sugar is not going to help the Ukrainians


A pączek. Happy Shrove Tuesday.

~ by Servetus on March 1, 2022.

14 Responses to “Me eating more sugar is not going to help the Ukrainians”

  1. reminiscent of sufganyot


  2. Yes sufganoyot. I discovered Grub Hub delivery and had a box of ruggelach delivered. And I have to concur, eating sugar did not solve any problems; I have been actively engaged in this experiment for 50+ years! Thanks for the light note, and also comment abt purple suit! Fashion should be fun sometimes! Were there any videos showing the results from the awards?

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  3. This year I made my own paczki last week on Fat Thursday (Polish big day before Lent) and Saturday. On Saturday my middle son to pick up a delivery made at our house and he also took to my oldest son. The ones at our store are not made there and are not as fresh. The ones I made where great. I also found out from my aunt that my German grandma made paczki when my uncle, aunt and mom where younger. Today was pancake day once ago in my house. American in the morning and European for supper.


  4. Sometimes it is necessary especially when It looks so delicious. Now I have to find out what hamantaschen are and how they look like


    • I think it was originally a Bohemian cookie of some kind — anyway nowadays it’s triangular sweet paté brisée and filled (usually with apricot, chocolate or poppy). It’s a really dense cookie.


  5. Mmmmmh, that looks delicious!


  6. Ok, I’m gonna need at least one of these


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