Not A-list enough

Sandra Bullock was apparently asked recently what would have to happen for an Ocean’s 9 film to appear.

Keeping in mind that I am pretty sure Ocean’s 8 was the only film in the franchise I’ve seen more than ten minutes of, so I don’t really know how it works — I would like Claude Becker to return, after completing a prison term, as some kind of spoiler. It could be another fun comic role.

Sandra Bullock thinks the first precondition is finding a ninth woman.  Who would you pick? How would you choose?

I would love someone like Viola Davis.


~ by Servetus on March 18, 2022.

15 Responses to “Not A-list enough”

  1. Shoot for the moon – Meryl Streep

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  2. Viola Davis would be great but my only real interest in ‘Oceans’ is Claude Becker.

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  3. Just watched Oceans Eight after we talked abt Veselka! How funny when I first saw it I had no idea of the thunderbolt/raving madness/spell I’d be hit with 3 yrs later. This time when the camera approaches the gallery w the name Claude Becker I yippeed with delight and anticipation! I found the movie smart and funny and all the actresses standout. And found your post how u saw it several times and yr thoughts on Armitage role and and perf so thnk u — always enjoy yr analyses. I add a vote Viola Davis for O. 9–and to find out how things went for schmucky Claude. Spending my SatRAday morning watching My Zoe first time. He has lot of screen time and acting, plus beard and back hairline squiggle whatever u guys prob call it. Ok going bk to it now! Wish all peaceful spring Saturday!


    • What did you order?

      I have heard great things about “My Zoe” but I have not seen it (it became accessible to me at a bad time). Radaghast / squirrel really loves it, I think.


  4. Ooh, Viola David would be great. I love Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Or maybe Angela Bassett. Or, for an older actress, Maggie Smith could be just the right amount of elderly innocence combined with a sharp biting wit.

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  5. I’d love to see an Oceans 9 film! to add some more suggestions for 9th female lead: Kristen Stewart or Alicia Vikander 🙂

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  6. Claude Becker is THE reason why I watched Ocean’8 just like most of us, yet the women’s performances were great too, it was a pleasure to see Sandra Bullock again. Well, just to add something about My Zoé, I liked it much, RA played wonderfully as usual, yet, as a mother of young children I found it too emotional for me sometimes but that was to be expected, I just regertted in the extra with Julie Deply’s comments that she did not say anything about her partner in the movie.

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  7. I’d go for an additional segment. Mary Steenburgen – She can play both serious and hilarious. I initially thought about Helen Mirren, but she’s doing so much already; and she’s British – Helena Bonham-Carter is in O8 – so…Or, maybe Alfre Woodard. I always liked her.

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