This is more my style

The Man from Rome. This looks like a lot of fun!

and here was the newer poster:


~ by Servetus on May 2, 2022.

17 Responses to “This is more my style”

  1. Looks great. I wonder if it will get wide release?

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    • Amazon Prime Video is one of the producers.

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      • So straight to streaming you think?


        • If what happens in my market is a more general pattern, they will release it in theatres (either before, or simultaneously with) a streaming release. I just saw “All the Old Knives” in the cinema but it was in simultaneous release on Amazon Prime and I think it was here for two weeks? Although that was a Chris Pine vehicle, so that probably increased its attractiveness to the theater chain. I have the impression that they are just starving for content right now for audiences that don’t want to see a Marvel film or a big blockbuster or an animation / kids’ film. They keep saying “adults 18-54 aren’t ready to return to the theatre,” but I’m not sure there’s really much to return to.

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          • I guess the theatre release makes them eligible for awards, too. It does seem like the pipeline really hasn’t filled back up yet after the Covid dearth.

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  2. Is that Jim Brass from CSI?


  3. The trailer gives me appetite for more. I hope the film lives up to the trailer’s promise. I hope I can watch the film.
    A very sportive role: running, boxing and those press-ups en plus without a shirt (hmmm) he is in good shape


    • I remember him saying back in 2010 that he thought he would always get offers to do action roles (“as long as I can swing my leg over a horse” or something like that, wasn’t it?). I guess he’s lucky that he can still do them, then. I know three or four Jesuits pretty well, though, and most of them are not the action hero type.


  4. I am looking forward to watching this. It is weird to think that RA won’t see the finished film, if he means what he says.


    • It’s interesting because he said once that Peter Jackson “got him over” not watching his own work. Has he reverted?

      I know how he feels though. I hate reading my own writing.


  5. The trailer is for me not available anymore, what a pity. I wanted to show it to my hubby.
    I don’t know any clergyman as an action hero type either


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