Whose dadbod?

~ by Servetus on May 2, 2022.

15 Responses to “Whose dadbod?”

  1. Exactly! 😉 Can’t wait to see how much of the “dad bod” is on display in Damage.

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  2. Looks pretty fit to me! Not overly muscular, but long and lean.

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    • He’ll always have those hips. But he’s so tall it doesn’t matter that much for his silhouette in general. [aaaaaaaah]

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  3. where is this from? If I have seen it I certainly would have remembered it (who could forget a sight like this?)


  4. He’s setting the bar very high for all >50s…

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  5. 😳🥰😛😲🤤

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  6. Has anyone noticed the rash he has on his arm
    and side. Looks like a heat rash.


  7. […] Whose dadbod? (May 2): Screencap from a trailer for The Man from Rome as pushback against Armitage’s […]


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