North & South Q & A

Sandy Welch, who adapted North & South for the screen, thus practically founding the Richard Armitage fandom, is participating in an event that includes a fan Q & A opportunity via the Gaskell House.

~ by Servetus on May 27, 2022.

3 Responses to “North & South Q & A”

  1. Nice find! I booked a ticket, hope I won’t forget by the time September comes around…

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  2. Thank you, I’ve now booked too. I attended another of their online talks on N&S in March and it was good fun. (There is also a Gaskell House online discussion on 16 November, ‘Why do we love North and South? Literature, Love and Lust’ , on their events page. Lust – too right!)

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  3. I finally booked one, too, although it’s really impossible to say if I’ll be able to participate. But it wasn’t an insane price.

    I wonder how many people in November will say “Richard Armitage”?


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