There was something in the air that night

~ by Servetus on May 30, 2022.

10 Responses to “There was something in the air that night”

  1. Yes, I sang the post title lol😉

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  2. So he did go

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  3. Knowing me, knowing you

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    • Just to put matters straight: I’m not breaking up. I just love the song, the lyrics, from my childhood. How we used to mime, and pretend to be either of the two A’s 🙂


      • There is nothing we can do! (just kidding)

        I’m not even really an ABBA lover and I know a lot of the lyrics. They were everywhere!


  4. I would not have had him down as an ABBA fan! Maybe a bit of nostalgia, or curiosity? Would love to see him sing along to Mamma Mia!! 😀


    • They dominated the airwaves when he was a kid. He really liked their new song, based on his tweet about it.


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