Independence Day Richard

I apologize for not decorating on Canada Day this year, but the relevant graphic is found here.

~ by Servetus on July 4, 2022.

9 Responses to “Independence Day Richard”

  1. no blue for Canada Day! but I love that you think of us! Happy belated July 4th!


  2. Could sort of work for July 14th too!

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  3. I wasn’t sure how to react to the flags displayed on Canada Day this year. The convoy of anti-vaccine-mandate, anti-any-restrictions-whatsoever people co-opted our flag for their purposes in Jan/Feb this year. Any flags seen displayed were indicative of far-right views. (The co-opting of the flag made me very angry.) So, now the meaning when someone displays it is very unclear. And then of course there are the people who say that because Canada has not treated its indigenous people as we should (which is true), that we should not celebrate the nation even though there are also very good things about Canada and about living here. Sigh. (I just worked that day as it was the day before leaving on vacation.)


    • We are definitely entering (have entered) an inexplicable phase of heightened nationalism here, too. I see it in my nieces in particular. Now there are a lot of pushes to honor veterans on 4th of July — which has kind of explicitly never been about that. When I told A that there are plenty of holidays honoring veterans, she told me there are not enough.

      In general I have been pretty much on your page — the US has done some horrible things and yet there are some pretty great things about it.

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      • Sorry for the silence. Got back from vacation and fell right back into the non-stop work. Argh. Here, the big day for honouring veterans is on November 11. “Lest we forget.” As for Canada Day, I went to a really great presentation regarding indigenous awareness last week. The woman taught us how to do the west coast native art (not well in my case lol). But she said, please do celebrate Canada Day, but just remember that the country was built on indigeneity i.e. tied to the land and place. I thought that was a good approach.


        • We have at least two days devoted exclusively to veterans (alive and dead) — Nov 11 and Memorial Day in May. And May is filled with single day commemorations of various branches of the military. I agree that we should honor military members and veterans for their sacrifices but I also don’t think the US military is the only group “protecting our democracy.” To me, July 4th is not about the Revolutionary War, as it marks the day of legal separation, not a military event (which occurred a year earlier — Battle of Lexington and Concord, April 1775).

          That is a great idea for a national holiday celebration — I am going to look for an even like that around here.

          Glad you’re back, and I’m always happy to hear from you even if my response times are slow.


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