Might have been

Batman was the Richard Armitage rumor that never really materialized. That never interested me all that much, although there were a lot of fan reactions. Like Bond, it was a conversation that never really went away.

Time flies. Armitage did those Wolverine podcasts and some people seemed to think they were a tryout to succeed Hugh Jackman. I read in the paper the other day that Taran Egerton is the next (indubitably white) hope for this role.

There was that time when we were all fevering about the Captain America: The First Avenger premiere. Armitage appeared in public for the first time in several months, and one of the main things he wanted us to take away from the film was what a great job Chris Evans had done. (Armitage has consistently shown admiration for people who work hard in their jobs.) And now Evans has finished with the role.

It’s amazing how fast this discussion has moved; the Batman conversations were a 2014 thing; The First Avenger came out in 2011.

~ by Servetus on July 11, 2022.

15 Responses to “Might have been”

  1. I’m not mad about the Marvel universe but they really missed a trick not casting RA as Batman. He could have been incredible with his quiet presence and strength.


  2. This was another controversial one , but I thought he would have been great as Matthew clairmont in Discovery of witches.


  3. Hm, somehow i’m not that keen or drawn in into the current Batman, i have watched the older ones and found some more interesting than the Marvel stuff, too much of the same always gets boring after a while. I think i am past desires for big franchises myself and have come to think/appreciate that maybe he wasn’t all that crazy keen on them either? Or in any case didn’t give it too much thought and didn’t feel that much regret he didn’t get involved in one again. I still do want him to do stuff that is easier accessible and available for everyone to see though 🙂


    • I think if he’d wanted to be a celebrity, he’d have behaved differently after 2004; I don’t think he ever wanted to be a celebrity. I do think he realized at some point that to get the kind of roles he really wanted, he’d have had to have a bigger name. He seemed to acknowledge this, but lately seems to have pulled back.

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  4. Wow, long time indeed. I’ve never been particularly keen on the whole Marvel association and was glad it never came to be. And I had my doubts whether RA was really 100% into being part of a long-running franchise. His age may have (somewhat) put a limit on the roles he’ll be eligible for, but I hope that is an opportunity for him to choose some meaty roles…


    • Statistically, I guess he’s got another chance in a few years. There seems to be a resurgence in the mid50s for certain kinds of actors.


  5. Remembering that Batman is a DC character and not a Marvel character…. As for the role, he really wouldn’t be as good as Batman, but I still dream of seeing him in the shoes of 007… 😍


    • Right. You’ve got a group here of people who are basically clueless.

      Maybe there can be an “old James Bond” film like that “old Sherlock Holmes” film that Ian McKellen did.


  6. We’re growing old…


  7. Despite all the rumors, I think what he strove for the most were theater / play parts? To me it seems. Rumors helped (?) push out his name I guess. He did get a big name part in the Marvel universe as Wolverine, though in a less visible platform (pun not intended). It makes me wonder what would’ve happened if he pushed for more VA projects, but that’s more of for my interest’s sake. I hope you are doing well!

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    • Hope you are well, too.

      I don’t know. There were several rumors about plays in the huge interval (a decade or more) between his previous stage roles and The Crucible. Don’t know why none of them happened.


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