So did he go?

Was just looking at the reviews. Wow!

~ by Servetus on July 18, 2022.

6 Responses to “So did he go?”

  1. Yes, it’s looking good and i really like her, am still playing with the idea. For now slowly building energy back up to go anywhere aside from work and necessary shopping. Made it to Patriots at Almeida mit Tom Hollander and a bunch of other really good actors, Absolutely fantastic play, really loved it! We have Good with Tennant tkts for further in the year and looking around at what else is out there. Had an unexpectedly good opera week a few weeks ago with a Parsifal in concert at weekend and 2 rehearsals next – best value as prices have gone up in everything and these latter ones were just GBP8 each, younger singers but punchy, it was Cav and Pag (not usually my cup of tea but this was gutsy and very Italian, drew us all in) and then Verdi’s Otello, still amazes me how uniquely powerful Shakespeare and Verdi together can be 🙂 Was flat out after, but felt like i was a bit like old self for a few days. Of course now heatwave and all else sucking life out. But it seems we’re thankfully slowly back to more normal theatre business, ie the challenging, well acted stuff not just the commercial stuff for the whole family (which we need very much, all of it if the West end is going to survive). It was reassuring to have to make a special effort to get tickets at the Almeida and it was packed and sold out almost the entire run already. Everywhere else there are tickets available, they are more expensive, etc and nothing is full… worrying.

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    • What great options you have, and you know, you don’t have to see everything all at once!

      I’ve been going to the Met Live in HD showings and getting back into things that way. The only NT Live showing that’s been convenient was “Prima Facie,” and I left after 30 minutes. She was doing a great job, but I was so tired, and I didn’t realize that it was a one-woman show.

      I had a really strenuous day yesterday (six hours in full sun at the Hmong Festival, manning a booth relating to my current job activities) and today for some weird reason I had a ton of energy. Was walking around at my usual speed of ten years ago. I hope it continues.

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  2. Now he has:

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