At ballet

~ by Servetus on September 7, 2022.

14 Responses to “At ballet”

  1. thanks for sharing ! yes it’s true, 2 red dragons at the same place. What a lovely smile as usual, it brightens my working day fo sure. Carpe diem

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  2. Thank you. Lovely outfit. He does seem to be boomeranging back and forth across the Atlantic at the moment.

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    • yes I must say that I was glad to read he was back to London and…my other thought too was a memory of an interview when he pointed the fact that obviously he wore black very often (certainly no even notincing it anymore, just a habit), balck tie, gray temples, sincere smile, this photo makes definitely a great beginning of a day. Have a nice day all RA fans

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      • I do like a man in black, RA really suits it (it is slimming too – not that ne needs to look thinner). Have a nice day too!

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        • Yes men in black or blue, grey, look great and particularly in black, and you’re right he does not need to wear slimming clothes but as (quoting him from an interview years ago if I remember well and you probably will too) he does’n’t “want to be a fat dude” it suits him all the more so well. Have a nice and serene day too. Take care.

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  3. Aww, i did miss many of my favourites on Monday it seems! Have work stuff late so sadly didn’t go, my friend did and it was a great show. Fiennes gave the intro, he directed that movie about Nureyev. Loads of well know ballet dancers there, now really wish i had been there, maybe i’d have spotted RA in person.. sigh. Lovely to see him looking so well 🙂

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  4. He seemed to have caught some sun somewhere. He looked a little red. (Dude, you’re English, get sunscreen.)

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  5. Not being on Twitter (so far) I really appreciate you sharing such pictures. That’s a really different shirt isn’t it? I don’t recall seeing him wearing that before. I like it!

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  6. It is always good to see him – even if I liked it more when he wore Lucas clothes 😉

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