More North & South discussion is imminent

Our own Trudy Brasure is participating in the next online panel from the Gaskell House, on why we love North & South.

~ by Servetus on October 5, 2022.

8 Responses to “More North & South discussion is imminent”

  1. Thanks for the mention! These sponsored online talks are a great way to raise money for Gaskell’s House.
    Last week’s talk with Sandy Welch was interesting.

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  2. A good reminder to rewatch the DVD and to think about why I can view it several times


  3. In a burst of generosity I lent out my DVD which then disappeared in the gréât unknown of my comparative religions study group — must order another one . My go to for xmas blues .


  4. The talks have been good fun. (It must be tedious for purist lovers of the book to have it overshadowed by Richard Armitage’s performance but he is the main reason why I love N&S so much, good though the story is.)


    • Yeah. I have now read the novel probably a dozen times, but that is a little bit like fanfic reading for me (sorry, Mrs. Gaskell) as I put Armitage in the character in my head when I read it.

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