A collective sigh went up at work this afternoon, too

when we heard this news.


We watched the PBS version of Sweeney Todd in choir in high school — on VHS, I assume. I remember her more as Jessica Fletcher, of course, but also, in more recent years as my tastes have changed, in mostly supporting roles in classic films like Gaslight, The Long Hot Summer, etc. I’m predicting that a lot of people will rewatch Murder, She Wrote in the coming days.

~ by Servetus on October 12, 2022.

9 Responses to “A collective sigh went up at work this afternoon, too”

  1. yes, again sad news and, as for me, family memories of watching together with my parents when I wa a little child her Arabesque. A strong personnality from what I dared to guess then. She played in so many other movies but this is the one that came first to my mind because in France too it was successful and I discovered her then. RIP Angela. Have a nice day all RA fans


  2. I am heartbroken! It is always sad when another Hollywood star goes out. Murder She Wrote was great comfort TV and Angela Lansbury was fantastic as the mother in The Manchurian Candidate, one of my favourite films.


  3. I watched a lot “murder she wrote”. She played very good the drunken author in the film “Death on the Nil” with Peter Ustinov, too. I loved her humour.


  4. Barely 20 in ” The Gaslight”, but stood her own against Bergman and Boyer with her trade mark saucy insolence. . Practically no one left from the golden era of cinema . I ‘d forgotten Ustinov was her brother- in- law and her daughter got caught up in the Manson family / drugs so Angela had to semi retire to Ireland to save her children from further harm only to make comeback on stage
    Her life was as interesting as her career. RIP Dame Lansbury


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