Richard Armitage always has good shoes

~ by Servetus on October 18, 2022.

13 Responses to “Richard Armitage always has good shoes”

  1. He’s all coordinated too. Wonder if he picked out his outfit (which I suspect) or if he had a stylist…. 🤔

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    • I don’t think it’s a stylist. Not sure why. Maybe because the fit on the coat is a little awkward. Clearly off the rack w/o alterations …


  2. And he coordinated well with his co-star. Amaia looked absolutely gorgeous in that off-the-shoulder cashmere jumper and matching boots. So cute when she positioned one foot in front of the other and he jokingly tried to copy the pose. Obviously a warm relationship there. I hate her. 🤣

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  3. He’s looking good, along with his shoes.


  4. The shoes are good! Can’t say I’m a fan of the shirt/blazer/pants color combination. Hoping he goes a little more traditional for the actual premiere.


  5. I think the khaki green and cream colours that RA is wearing are not particularly flattering on him. He has a cool skin tone, not a warm one. I think he looks much better in blues and greys.
    The jacket looks a bit tight in the shoulder and sleeve, and the fabric appears too lightweight on him. The outfit as a whole is just a bit ‘off’ on him IMO. Just some sartorial observations!


    • I don’t think it’s a great combination period and not under that particular lighting. And I agree (see comment above) that it’s not altered correctly. OTOH he seems happier when he’s not dressed to the nines.


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