It’s not a biopic

I read this and thought, “Oh, someone’s making a Hugh Jackman biopic.” I guess I wished for this when I wondered why every other important British actor has an ‘inspector’ role and not Armitage. Not sanguine, but perhaps the fact of having a competent writer will make it better than the single Ellis audiobook I listened to. At least I won’t have the problem of already knowing the story.

~ by Servetus on October 20, 2022.

18 Responses to “It’s not a biopic”

  1. 😂 Jackman biopic. Actually, that would be such a great idea, given that Jackman’s Hugh and Armitage are so often deemed to look alike… And I had to laugh at your quip that at least you don’t know the Jackman & Evans material yet. I suspect they are going to make quite a few changes to the story, anyway. With the Emmerdale writer on board, it could be great.


  2. So, finally RA will be a british inspector too.
    I have to admitt I thought that it would come nothing out of the statement that his production company bought the rights to this. Now I am happy I was wrong.
    But I will keep my expectations very low though…


  3. Ha ha! Yes RA would be ‘almost’ perfect to play Hugh Jackman! I’m glad he is playing a different one, the detective.


    • I have only listened to a couple of the Audible books but I remember thinking Rowan Jackman sounded a bit too kind and soft for a policeman
      Hopefully the screenwriter will make him not so ‘wet’ lol

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      • I just don’t remember the male main character at all. It’s been several years since I listened to the one book, but there was nothing memorable about it for me other than the lame plot. It’s unfortunate because the usual reason I keep reading a series is the characters. Hopefully the screenwriter knows what he’s doing.


      • Dixon of Dock Green!

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    • I feel like it is the birthright of every British actor to helm a detective / police show.

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      • Yes and James Nesbitt seems to play nothing else currently.


        • I remember Armitage making a remark a while back about how part of his acting lessons involved speaking while dancing, and it made me think, yeah, I bet there are things you have to master if you want to be on the British screen. Courtly / Regency era dancing, Shakespeare, being a detective would all be on that list.

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  4. I had the same thought 😉


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