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I created this blog in February, 2010, to offer an outlet for my growing analytical fascination with the creative work of the British actor, Richard Armitage (b. 1971), star of “North and South,” “Robin Hood,” “Spooks,” “Strike Back,” and “The Hobbit” trilogy.

I have no personal or professional connection of any kind with Mr. Armitage. That’s part of the fun. You will notice the title of the blog which puts me before Mr. Armitage. What I write is as much or more about me as about him.

This blog is purely for personal growth, enjoyment and entertainment and I derive no profit from it. Neither do I intend any copyright infringement.

5/18/10, ETA: If you would like more information on what I understand to be my interpretive stance, look here.

7/25/10, ETA: Changed initial subtitle of blog from “Not quite an obsession, but getting close,” to “an occasionally cerebral feuilleton of Richard Armitage Studies.”

10/29/11, ETA: I was interviewed for a series on blogging by Judiang at “Confessions of a Watcher”. I offer this information in lieu of an FAQ. Part one is here; Part two is here; on 11/8/12, I screencapped the interview referred to above; it follows the contact form, below. You may click on the individual caps to enlarge.

11/9/12, ETA: A collaborator joined the blog: Guylty.

10/20/2013, ETA: I added a formal “comments and privacy” policy.


You’re welcome to contact me for any reason. Reasonable messages will be acknowledged and answered. I try to respond quickly, but like everyone in the world these days, I’m busy, so response time may be slow. After the beginning of 2013, it became very slow.

I define “reasonable” for the purposes of answering messages of any kind. Because the blogosphere is not always friendly, I also reserve the right not to answer for any reason, and not to specify a reason for not answering.

But I’m not a black hole. Really, if you’d like, go ahead and send me a message. I’ll do my best.


18 Responses to “Servetus: About + Contact”

  1. […] do with the reasons why and how we’re moved by the news. The question for me, as always, is about me and not about him. And so, I think, we have to ask ourselves what exactly it is what we’re getting from […]

  2. Hello: I really enjoy your posts . . . it’s like watching someone’s brain trying to analyze, understand, and make sense of their heart . . very interesting and a lot of “fun” too. I was also glad to see you “giggling” and had the impression that while that might be a unique experience for you, it was something you needed – good for you! Balance, right? Anyway, I’ve been trying to view the protected posts and sorry to be an idiot but when it says to enter “your password”, does that mean my WordPress password? I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work, although I’m logged in. If there’s another place to register on your blog, I must be missing it. Thanks so much! Vio

    • Hi, violissima, welcome and thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’m not a giggler and I’m sure it’s good for me. Darn, being forced by Mr. Armitage to giggle. 🙂 Password for all of those posts is in the subject line of the post, i.e., spooks9 . Hope you enjoy.

  3. […] reason for this blog when I started it last Spring was to figure out what it is that’s so magnetic about Richard […]

  4. Great blog! I will add you to my blogroll! I LOVE RA, too!

  5. Hello Servetus, very interesting blog because of your psychological knowledge and interest in Richard Armitage as an actor, and these two combined:) We share these interests, I like to see all the photos and comments you have. I think what is so deeply charming about RA is that he is the on the surface the perfect combination of roughness and sweetness. Also he is a leo with those magnetic leo eyes, and he is such a good artist that we feel like we know what kind of a person he is, but we don’t, because there is also this enigma and mystique surrounding him, which makes him that good of a actor. Thanks for your insight on so many things, love it! Gudrun from Iceland.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Guðrún, and for being the first reader from Iceland to “come out” on the blog. He’s a great combination of so many things, I agree!!

  6. […] About Meta […]

  7. After reading your blog for about a year and a half I have finally gotten brave to post. I have enjoyed reading your blog, as you have made me laugh and cry on something we call life. I like Richard am a shy person and am happy to just go hide in the back, and since I am short 5’1 I can hide till they push me the short person to the front again. Safe travels!

    • Thanks for the comment, and welcome, katie70. Love your description of your odyssey from front to back and front again!

  8. […] One way to avoid this dynamic, to circumvent a territorial dispute, is to stay off of others’ territory. But even assuming that a new fan decides to do that — in my profession, it’s important not to duplicate others’ work, so before starting any project one researches to see what’s available — this is harder than it looks. In my own case, the place for me in Armitage blogging in February 2010 seemed clear. I wanted only to document my own fan journey. If the blog eventually became a discussion forum, I still wasn’t starting a discussion board, moderated or unmoderated; I didn’t want to aggregate or document information or news for the benefit of new fans. I didn’t want access to insider information of any kind, personal or professional. I didn’t want to scoop anyone or be the first who knew a news item. I didn’t want to provide a definitive overview of the stations of Armitage’s career; Richard Armitage Online already provided one I admired greatly. My purpose was solely to write about Armitage from my perspective. […]

  9. […] I can imagine into experiencing the world not just differently, but in a transformative way. The tidal wave of emotion that hit me in January of 2010 and wouldn’t let go and opened my senses again and let the […]

  10. […] I had blogged before, so I didn’t think. I logged onto WP and created a new blog without much reflection. I needed a space to write just about Armitage (not necessarily to discuss him with others — if that had been my sole need, I’d have joined a forum) and I had found in my previous experiences that blogging was a way to associate with people who shared similar questions but not surrender control of what I could say. I had also discovered that I enjoyed writing about things in public. So the sole initial purpose of the blog was encountering my feelings. And blogging ended a long period of writer’s block, so I was grateful for that, too, and for the friends who found me and told me they’d had similar feelings and reactions to Armitage’s work. […]

  11. […] I described my usual writing process here (which applies to blogging) and my choice of topics here. […]

  12. […] picked the name consciously. From the very beginning of my blog, my “About” included this description: “I have no personal or professional connection of any kind […]

  13. […] a lot, about why we were blogging. It wasn’t easy to explain (an early attempt of mine is here). I used to feel the need to justify myself regularly, but I haven’t done much of that […]

  14. […] out of it were exclusively constituted virtually. My self here is named “Servetus,” a pseudonym that predated my fan experience. She was quickly nicknamed “Serv” (probably by people who were frustrated by the […]

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