Richard Armitage related charities

[updated August 2021; possibly missing a few]

In 2020, Armitage donated publicly or stated support for Theatre Artists Fund and Fleabag for Charity and Captain Tom / NHS and Australian Red Cross.

In 2019, Armitage donated publicly or stated support for The Woodland Trust.

In the wake of his mother’s death, Armitage supported (and thanked fans for support to) LOROS Hospice. He reiterated this support in 2021 by donating a Guy of Gisborne costume for bidding during Guylty’s annual charity auctions.

The following charities were supported by Richard Armitage via JustGiving, but the pages are no longer active:

Young Minds UK

Salvation Army UK [note: I am passing this link on without an endorsement myself; explanation.]



Anthony Nolan


Cybersmile [also linked without my own endorsement; explanation.]

Action for Children / Urban and the Shed Crew

In earlier years, Richard Armitage has also supported:

Fundraiser for Sarah Dunn (no longer seeking funds).

Oxfam International

The Disasters Emergency Committee (Bangladesh Cycle Appeal)

ALS Bucket Challenge (this benefits any ALS / motor neurone disease charity of your choice — this one has a good rating in the U.S.)


Christchurch Earthquake Appeal (no longer actively seeking funds).

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