Richard Armitage related charities

[updated August 2020; possibly missing a few]

In 2020, Armitage donated publicly or stated support for  Theatre Artists Fund and Fleabag for Charity and Captain Tom / NHS and Australian Red Cross.

In 2019, Armitage donated publicly or stated support for The Woodland Trust.

You can donate directly to a charity Richard Armitage supports via his JustGiving pages (that I am aware of):

Young Minds UK

Salvation Army UK [note: I am passing this link on without an endorsement myself; explanation.]



Anthony Nolan


Cybersmile [also linked without my own endorsement; explanation.]

Action for Children / Urban and the Shed Crew

In earlier years, Richard Armitage has also supported:

Fundraiser for Sarah Dunn (no longer seeking funds).

Oxfam International

The Disasters Emergency Committee (Bangladesh Cycle Appeal)

ALS Bucket Challenge (this benefits any ALS / motor neurone disease charity of your choice — this one has a good rating in the U.S.)


Christchurch Earthquake Appeal (no longer actively seeking funds).

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