Richard Armitage and Charlotte Kirk in Oceans 8 candid


~ by Servetus on February 20, 2017.

26 Responses to “Richard Armitage and Charlotte Kirk in Oceans 8 candid”

  1. Now there’s a happy-looking guy!

  2. Mr. Richard Armitage does look adorably cute in this photo. His eyes seem to look a little happy (love the crinkles around his eyes), but his smile seems fakey forced.

  3. Cute. I like the beard and hair.

  4. […] Here, link from Me and Richard […]

  5. It looks like he’s photobombing her selfie 🙂

  6. ok maybe not the most natural of photos/poses but still nice to see his face 🙂 If i was her i would stay away from those teeth tho..

  7. that little spike of out of control hair!

  8. ruffles hair

  9. As in, I would like to ruffle his hair……

  10. Must confess that I’m not quite convinced of Ms Kirk!!! Richie OTOH…… Definitely too many hairs in his face !!! 😉 …though I particularly like that little spike of out of control hair on his head !! 😀

  11. Hmmm. By my count, that’s almost three weeks of filming for him, so far.

  12. I do agree with you all about Mr. Richard Armitage’s hair. he looks adorable with the spike look. what I was saying about his smile is that it reminded me of ( you all know what I mean) those days when you had family over for dinner/a get together hoopla(something like that) and they want everybody to get together and take a family photo, even though you are happy everybody is there, you don’t really want your photo taken, but your mom takes you by the arm and has you stand next to her(so you can’t go and hide) and bends over and whispers in your ear (with a stern voice) ” You better smile or you are going to make me angry”. so you have to put on a fake smile and just looking at Mr. Richard Armitage makes me think that’s he is probably thinking that his mom is right there and he has to smile. I know Mr. Richard Armitage is probably happy to be next to this woman and happy filming this movie, but honestly if he doesn’t feel like smiling, he shouldn’t force it. maybe just do a regular smile (don’t show teeth). can somebody also please tell me who the woman is (what movies she has been in), because she looks so familiar.

  13. Richard’s age is now showing. Is he dating anyone yet? I have been so out of the loop with everything that has happened to me these past months. I actually look to your blog when I am curious about what he has been up to lately.

    • as far as I know, with regard to his romantic life, the same situation is in place since always, he doesn’t discuss his romantic life, and it’s not covered in mainstream gossip / celebrity venues.

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