Did you see it?

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Late October, 2020

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the furnace rattles and kicks in • the leaves rustle outside the window • it rained three days ago, so the sump runs • open my eyes, now it’s bright, because it snowed last night • dad’s up already • Robin Roberts is always so upbeat • not me • I make my noises in the bathroom • did you eat breakfast • yes • did you take your pills • no • I run water in the sink • the pills click onto the plate I bring into the living room • thank you • do you have any plans for today • I’m going to get gas •  to take some soup to a friend • to drop off books at the library • to curbside grocery pickup • to the time machine • to get some drivethru coffee • I park the car • I leave the soup on the porch and send a text • as Obscura also has parents she’s shielding • the radio tells me it all • the count of cases in the world • in the country • in the state • the deaths in the world • in the country • in the state • in the county • the hospital beds filled • the hospital beds empty • how Trump is polling • how Biden is polling • the margin of error • how many votes have been cast •  how many remain • how the county misprinted the ballots • what they plan to do • the car puts along • there is an ambulance • there is a traffic stop • there’s the radio to listen to • how disinformation works • I work my way through the list of tasks • now I never have to actually see a person closer than six feet • the top of the hour circles around • the death count repeats • the polling data repeats • the ballot data repeats • the announcer reminds of the Senate vote • and how the new justice will probably demote me to the status of subordinate citizen again, unable to make my own reproductive choices • had I any to make these days • and how the new justice will probably vote to remove my health insurance • the hospital beds • the cases • the death count • the DJIA numbers which are down • it’s the virus and the missing stimulus package • so many numbers, I miss my turnoff • I drive into the garage • I rattle the door down • the screen door screeches • the front door slams • did you get any bakery • did you get any milk • did you eat lunch • the whir and beep of the microwave • America Says • did you mess up the computer • the snick snack of Candy Crush • the national news • come and eat • the furnace rattles on • the sump runs • the local news • Wheel of Fortune • are we doing anything tomorrow • no • I am going to bed • me too

Because I am lazy (or: Mach was mit Orange)

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Pumpkin soup with buttered rustic sourdough bread. I only thought of taking the picture after I ate the first inch.

This is for Herba and die Pö’s ongoing blog project. I made this soup. It’s orange!

This soup is made with what Germans call a “hokkaido pumpkin,” but here it’s apparently a “kuri squash.” (If you’re interested, a pumpkin is a type of squash. And a squash is a type of gourd.) I know ate this sort of soup for the first time in Germany in the 1990s — I never had a savory pumpkin dish till I moved there. Orange squash of all kinds, which I ate plenty of before then, was traditionally sweetened in the U.S. Now pumpkin soups are here, too, but many of them are sweetened.

It was excellent, but dad won’t eat it, so I knew I would have a lot. I followed the recipe strictly so I could give a healthy helping to Obscura, who’s stopped consuming high fat foods, but there are so many potatoes in it that it just keeps soaking up the fluid. Tonight I thinned it with heavy cream, which I think improves it. There’s just something about milk fat!

I think there are three or four servings left, still. I can’t freeze it because of the potatoes. Maybe next time I’ll try this — it doesn’t have any potatoes. But as I’m out of kuri squash, I’ll have to do it with an actual pumpkin. I have five or six of those left.

Close to floodgates

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Now, a must-see

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That’s what the house looks like from the stage

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[third photo]

Guardian review of Uncle Vanya cinema

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Their reviewer thinks the cinema version is better than the stage production. Also interesting that she seems feel like Allam is a real addition.

New Piece in The Times of London, ICYMI

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Review of the Uncle Vanya cinema version

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So, it’s a BBC review of something planned to be shown on the BBC, but it’s quite a nice one.

ICYMI: Bryan Fuller on shipping

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Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller Is Done With Your Anti-Ship BS

is a bit older now, but it’s a piece on Bryan Fuller’s reaction to some NSFW fan art, and then his reaction to the people who reacted. I’m not a huge fan of Fuller or his aesthetic, but I agree with him fully on this point. Be aware if you keep clicking past the article and on to Fuller’s like, there is a drawing of oral sex.

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