I hope all Italian Armitage fans are safe

•August 24, 2016 • 4 Comments

and all Italians, actually. The pictures are devastating.

Those in the U.S. who want to donate to relief efforts can support Italian American Relief, a branch of the National Italian American Foundation. The Italian Red Cross donation page is here.

If you are in Italy and have charitable suggestions, please pass them on.

Love, Love, Love gets musical

•August 24, 2016 • 4 Comments

But hey, it’s still made a list of top ten of-Broadway plays to see this fall.

Collateral attractions: Halt and Catch Fire “is the best drama on television”

•August 24, 2016 • 11 Comments

High praise for Lee Pace’s series at the very mainstream Atlantic. I’d planned to watch the premiere of season 3 tonight but I’m not going to get control of the remote. Will definitely make time for it, though.

re: Pace, the reviewer writes:

Halt and Catch Fire uses MacMillan to satirize the Jobsian cult of personality that defines so much of the tech world. He began his time on the show as its brooding anti-hero, the renegade who brought everyone else together to try and take on computer giants like Apple and IBM. That’s why Halt’s first season felt like such a Mad Men knock-off, and why it has since struggled to gain ground with viewers after its slow start. But over three years, Cantwell and Rogers have turned MacMillan into a parody of the Don Draper-esque mercurial “idea man,” one who doesn’t know how to follow through on his big thinking and is constantly chasing the next revolution in an industry full of them. By 1985, MacMillan has become a millionaire by putting his name on anti-virus software, attracting new PC users with by stoking fears of hacking and privacy threats.

It wouldn’t work if Pace, clad in linen pants and designer aviators, couldn’t find his character’s humanity amid all his peacocking. But Pace makes MacMillan’s search for the next big idea feels like an unquenchable addiction, rather than a lame effort to seem cool. As he becomes the kingpin of online privacy, MacMillan comes back into conflict with his old partners at Mutiny. If last season is anything to go by, Halt and Catch Fire will lay an impressive amount of narrative groundwork before building to an appropriately soapy climax. This is a show that merges a gorgeous aesthetic with grounded storytelling, that talks about big-picture ideas while never betraying its core characters. Not enough people are watching, but they should be: Halt and Catch Fire is the best drama on television.

Results of Richard Armitage 45th birthday commentorama

•August 23, 2016 • 24 Comments
Screen shot 2016-08-23 at 5.02.42 PM

Richard Armitage, August 22, 2016. Yum.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my fifth annual challenge to leave a comment or tweet in response to my tweet in order to generation a $1 US donation to Childline in honor of the birthday boy yesterday. In the middle of the day I realized how out of practice I am responding to long comment chains — thanks for your patience. I was also reminded of how many interesting ongoing conversations have taken place here over the years. The chunk of the fandom that comes here is definitely a group of interesting, warm people and I am glad to know you all.

I went through the responses to the post and counted 70 unique participants:

59 WP commentators: Susan, Bonnie Williams, Kim McKinnon, zan, Perry, Hariclea, Fairlie, richardtreehouse, Kathy Jones, Mezz, Linda60, Vanguard, alyssabethancourt, cindy, Mel, Jan H Marquardt, Jane Steinmiller, SheRA phylly3, sparkhouse1, Rebecca, Teuchter, MaryJaneZigZig, SueBC, Julia, Eilenna, katie70, salakonn, cRAmerry, Herba, Guylty, Fruity, Lucinnia, P3872L, taurus, Joanna, Esther, Andrea Numelotte, Sheftu, Fabi Glady, Elanor, Camassia, Suse3, Ania, Mermaid, Sloan, Findirien, Yve, bloodangel, irishwitch313, Annabelle, Babette, Rosiepig, heatherparish, squirrel.0072, Little Red, judiang, snowyjo

11 Twitter commentators: @pennybaggins, @ChristineLoy1, @Ravna, @InkedGirl71, @TankHerA, @HobbitGirlNad, @MatiasFMatias, @brigarmy, @VenusOctober, @rasam1975, @KellyDuck.

Accordingly, I will be sending $70 US to Childline later this week, and I will post a proof here once I have done so.

Thanks to you all again. I hope you had a great Armitage Day 2016!



Richard Armitage + Amy Ryan: Chemistry?

•August 23, 2016 • 19 Comments

You can’t tell a lot from an initial picture and especially not from a photo op, but. Again, avoiding spoilers, Kenneth and Sandra are a couple with a lot of energy between them: enough to draw them together against propriety in Act One of the play and enough for a significant firestorm in Act Two. Sandra is a feminist and outspoken. I’m really liking this pairing. She looks like she can play, sweet, magnetic, and powerful all at once. Definitely looks like there is some power and some mischief behind those glasses. She’s definitely not taking your shit.

What say you?

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This is just a random cute picture of Zoe Kazan

•August 23, 2016 • Leave a Comment

Zoe Kazan plays Rosie, the daughter of Richard Armitage’s character Kenneth, in this fall’s Love, Love, Love for the Roundabout Theater Company. Another entry in the “Armitage as father” sweepstakes (here and here and here), except Kenneth is not the “father as rescuer” type.

Zoe Kazan, Love, Love, Love photocall, August 22, 2016.

Zoe Kazan, Love, Love, Love photocall, August 22, 2016.

KellyDS says goodbye (kind of)

•August 23, 2016 • 2 Comments

Best wishes to one of the most honest Richard Armitage fans I’ve known. She did something in 2013 that is unique in my experience of the fandom, for which I will always respect her. She’s tweaking her blog so it’s not goodbye, totally. And I’m really grateful she’s not deleting it! Give her some love.


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