Netflix US finally programs Brain on Fire #richardarmitage

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Richard Armitage tangentially related

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Ocean’s 8:

[my coverage of this is going to start to get more intermittent, as I’m starting to see spoilers in the advance publicity. If I notice there’s a spoiler in something I will try to indicate — and my boundary will be low because of my lack of knowledge about the franchise. But other than that I’m planning to buy my advance tix on Friday and stay as unspoiled as possible till I see the film on its opening night.]

Current projects:

Wolverine: The Long Night:

  • Review at (Which make me wonder if they actually listened to his voice in this piece): “The voice acting is top notch, headlined by baritone Hobbit star Richard Armitage as Logan.”
  • Review at Comicosity: “As far as the acting talents who make up the dominant cast, praise goes first to the fantastic Richard Armitage (whom many might know as Thorin from Lord of the Rings, Francis Dolarhyde from Hannibal or even Trevor Belmont from Castlevania). It is difficult to think of a ‘sound’ for Wolverine that isn’t Hugh Jackman, but if Wolverine: The Long Night is a backdoor test to see how a new Wolverine actor might sound, he succeeds in ever way imaginable. While Armitage’s turn as Wolverine is actually one of the smaller parts in the series, the time Armitage does have dominates everything else in every episode he stars in. There are some smaller moments, especially from the first few episodes, which weigh heavier than some of his longer speaking moments in later episodes.”

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And a little more little more

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Just a little bit more

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Richard Armitage tangentially related

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Current projects:

Collateral attractions:

Armitage the person:

Things we’ve talked about:

  • You know that thing that Benjamin Percy did with the women in Wolverine: A Long Night? Turns out there’s a term for it: fridging.

The understated appeal of Richard Armitage as “handy guy”: A partial retrospective

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Chop (Richard Armitage) competently drives his truck. These moving scenes were so reminiscent of my own experiences over the years. There’s one responsible person and then a bunch of ragtag labor. Source: ausschweifendemotte

So it’s turning out that I’m probably going to need more Chop than anticipated before the DVD becomes available. Frightening how (a) much a flannel shirt still does for me and (b) that Richard Armitage can infatuate me with while playing a sometime-recovering drug addict. This post has an origin in a conversation with a fellow fan in which we agreed that most men would understate the potential sexiness of knowing how to fix a boiler (American = hot water heater) or do other frequent and annoying home maintenance tasks.

Whether Richard Armitage knows how to fix a boiler is unknown, although he apparently has laid laminate floors and prefers DIY to the night-life and once cleared the ivy from his London residence. But at least one character has put on a boiler suit (U.S. English = an overall) and several have shown, hinted at or indicated mechanical proficiency of various kinds. Let’s consider their ultimate attractiveness, shall we?

John Standring in Sparkhouse

Sarah Smart and Richard Armitage in episode 1 of Sparkhouse. Source:

Pro: This may be not only Armitage’s initial outing in the boiler suit, but also the definitively symbolic one: John Standring is true blue — in more ways than one. Fidelity is hot. Also, he can herd any sheep you have on hand and bash creepy ex-boyfriends with a shovel.

Con: Doesn’t like haircuts.

Hotness quotient: Extremely high once the hair comes off and that pleasant blush graces his perpetually shy cheeks. Plus points for being slightly motherable, if you’re into that.

Paul in Between the Sheets

Richard Armitage as Paul Andrews in episode 2 of Between the Sheets. My screencap.

Pro: It’s good to know that when a troubled teenager comes to your door to attack you because she has a weird crush on your partner, he can board up the broken windows and chew out your teenage son. Bonus: charismatic with a sausage in hand.

Con: He may be good with a hammer, but you know that (a) he’s thinking of a sixteen-year-old blowing him, and (b) he goes limp anytime you take the initiative. Also: socks.

Hotness quotient: Shaky at best

John Thornton in North & South

Higgins (Brendan Coyle) and Mr. Thornton (Richard Armitage) shake hands in farewell in episode 4 of North & South. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery

Pro: Although we don’t ever see him fixing any of his machines, the dirty fingernails imply he knows how to get deeply into the interior of complex mechanisms with finely tuned moving parts.

Con: Skill has low practical household utility. How many women really need their power looms fixed these days?

Hotness quotient: Infinite, once the cravat is off and the hands are washed. Where’s the nailbrush?

Alec Track in The Golden Hour

Richard Armitage as Alec Track in a promotional shot for The Golden Hour (2005). So this orange thing is also called a “boiler suit.” Who knew? Source:

Pro: Could perform emergency surgery if ever necessary.

Con: Seems under-committed to romance. He’d rather be playing video games.

Hotness quotient: Slow burn. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Who cares if he’s the neglectful type?

Ricky Deeming in George Gently

Richard Armitage as Ricky Deeming in Gently Go Man. Source:

Pro: Can break up any junk you have and resell it. Good potential for attraction to a hoarder.

Con: He can break, but can he build?

Hotness quotient: Medium. Comes more from the plaid shirt and the self-rolled cigarette than from the hammer.

Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood

Guy of Gisborne tries on his medieval boiler suit. Richard Armitage in Robin Hood 2.03. Source:

Pro: Guy is just really sexy. Sexy enough to set your house on fire!

Con: He probably can’t fix anything. He can barely wield his sword. I couldn’t remember any place in the series where he does any household repairs.

Hotness quotient: Extreme. Tools or no tools. Well, actually he’s got just the tool I need. I assume. It was a family show.

Lucas North in Spooks

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) fixes Sarah’s malfunctioning plumbing after discovering no water comes out of the faucet, in Spooks 8.5. [j/k]

Pro: Lucas is at least as stylish as Guy, and unlike guy, he can actually fix things.

Con: Somewhat confused about his identity. His alter ego blows things up instead of fixing them and has an eerie propensity to jump off buildings, creating a trash disposal problem.

Hotness quotient: Unstable. Despite his unforgettable boiler suit.

Also he has a dimple in just the right place.

John Porter in Strike Back

Richard Armitage as John Porter in a promotional image for Strike Back: Origins. Source:

Pro: Baby, you can drive fix my car! Saving me money and arguments with intentionally obfuscating mechanics is always sexy.

Con: He’d probably be in a war zone just when the transmission of my car went out.

Hotness quotient: Potentially unsurpassable. Has the heat of Guy of Gisborne and car repair skills.

Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Richard Armitage as young Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Source:

Pro: OMG. Those arms. That look of determination. The sweat pouring off his body. Makes me want to quote Longfellow. Whose poetry is surprisingly sexy if you think about Thorin in the main role. “The smith, a mighty man is he / With large and sinewy hands; / And the muscles of his brawny arms / Are strong as iron bands.”

Con: Preoccupied with a dragon. Also, when given the opportunity, dresses with more jewelry than I do.

Hotness quotient: Narrow appeal limited to those who need their horses shoed. Also, I’ve read he has a thing for a hobbit.

John Proctor in The Crucible

Richard Armitage as John Proctor in Act Two of The Crucible. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery. Sorry that I couldn’t find a picture of him with his whip or gun, but farmers are well known for being handy.

Pro: Very focused on keeping his axe sharp. Also, can he ever kiss.

Con: Oversalts his food.

Hotness quotient: Extremely high although mitigated slightly by his martyr complex.

Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal

Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal 3.10. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery. My assumption here is that when he reroutes the phone circuits he will be using a needle-nose plier at some point.

Pro: Clearly knows what to do with his flashlight. Also: the dragon dance!

Con: If he’s confused about your relationship, he can turn into a bit of a firebug.

Hotness quotient: Depends on which frame you’re looking at.

Daniel Miller in Berlin Station

Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station. Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery.

Pro: In addition to his high tech hacking skills, still has some analog spying under his belt. Can manipulate a pick-lock sensitively and with skill.

Con: Has no actual identity. Incredibly boring when he’s not pushing Esther into a wall.

Hotness quotient: Low level. His attractiveness is primarily sartorial.

Scott White in Sleepwalker

Richard Armitage as Dr Scott White, renovating his home in Sleepwalker. My screencap

Pro: In addition to fixing windows, can make tea, is a good listener, and apparently a gentle lover. Will come to your apartment when it’s suddenly inhabited by unrecognizable strangers.

Con: May not be a real person.

Hotness quotient: High level everyman rocks ratty jeans. We need more of this kind of role.

Scott White is ready to return to reality #richardarmitage

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