Richard Armitage mugs, mug, mugging

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Mug: A drinking vessel or pitcher with a handle on the side. This usage dates from the 1560s, from Scandinavian or Low German terms for the same thing. Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks 8.6.

mug: a person’s face. The relationship is uncertain (mugs with grotesque faces on them?). In use after 1708. Richard Armitage doing ADR for Hannibal in 2015.

mugging: overacting. In use since 1855; theater slang. Richard Armitage as Tom Steele in Doctors, 2001. Source of this photo was originally RichardArmitageOnline.

mug: a foolish or silly person person. Usage dates to 1850s. Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy and Dawn French as Geraldine Granger in Vicar of Dibley (2006).

mug: someone who is easily deceived; a sucker. Usage dates to 1850s; thieves’ slang. Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy in Vicar of Dibley, (2006).

mugging: attacking someone with intent to rob; in the U.S., armed street robbery. In usage since 1864, from an earlier, now extinct usage, “to strike in the face.” Richard Armitage in Robin Hood 2.6.

mug shot: a picture of someone’s face for identification purposes, especially in criminal records. Usage after 1887. Also “mug book,” a collection of photos of criminals. Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks 7.7.

mugging, especially “mugging for the camera”: to make exaggerated faces, to “pull faces.” In use after 1937, probably derived from theatrical slang. Richard Armitage and Fraser Kelly on the set of Urban and the Shed Crew.

mug for, mug up: study intensively, cram material for an examination. Recent usage, apparently. Richard Armitage as John Porter and Shelley Conn as Danni Prendiville in Strike Back 1.5.

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Richard Armitage quoting Sophocles

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Hmmm. Oedipus Rex, anyone?

A bit more than a decade in Richard Armitage’s calves

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These are four comparison points I remember.

  1. early 1990s

42nd St days or thereabout.

2. late 2005 or early 2006.


Claude Monet’s calf after his mishap in the forest, in The Impressionists, episode 1 (broadcast April 2006). Source:

3. The Hobbit BTS — between February 2011 and July 2012:

An earlier one.


Before July 23, 2012. Source:


4. Hannibal — filmed in winter-spring 2015:

This is in case you need a closeup:

5. Brain on Fire — filmed late summer 2015:

Richard Armitage in just a little more blue plaid

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Here’s the Bulgarian Brain on Fire trailer #richardarmitage

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Slight differences from the Philippines one.

Richard Armitage sure loves those plaids

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New glimpse of Richard Armitage in Brain on Fire

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Thanks to @mooseturds.

New promo picture for Brain on Fire. . @chloegmoretz #chloemoretz #chloegracemoretz #moretz #brainonfire #richardarmitage

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