I know they have to sell things

•December 12, 2017 • 1 Comment

but honestly, the description of this book? Uuuurgh.

Random discovery

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For U.S. folks: if your public library participates in an app called “Hoopla,” you may be able to get Pilgrimage via streaming through your public library. Just saw it there, somewhat surprisingly, along with TH: AUJ, the Georgette Heyer audiobooks, and the first Hobbit soundtrack disc.

An earlier post on Richard Armitage items in our library is here.


Shakespeare for the modern moment

•December 10, 2017 • 6 Comments

Have you seen Measure for Measure? I have not; have not read it, even. Did you know it discusses quid pro quo sexual harassment? A fellow Armitage liker writes about it here.

Article names December 15 as deadline for financing My Zoe

•December 9, 2017 • 7 Comments


Germany’s next government?

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For those who don’t read German, here‘s a solid, centrist summary of what’s been happening in German parliamentary politics since the FDP collapsed negotiations for a Jamaica coalition. It starts with the re-election of Martin Schulz as the SPD party leader and the SPD’s tentative agreement to seek a grand coalition with the CDU / CSU (Merkel’s party, which got the largest share of seats in the Bundestag but not a majority). It considers the possibilities for a coalition that many will argue is destructive to the SPD and to the energy and creativity of German politics, but would probably be more generally protective of democracy than the other options (new elections, or the CDU / CSU forming a minority government). I agree that they should try to avoid new elections at all costs — but then I spent a lot of time in graduate school on studying the disastrous electoral politics of the Weimar Republic.

Some holiday orthography humor

•December 8, 2017 • 6 Comments

If the president can celebrate Chanukkah four days early and without most of the Jews in Congress, surely we can tolerate an early Chanukkah video. This is older, but I just saw it now. Made me LOL!

My Zoe financier suddenly discovers Julie Delpy is a woman

•December 8, 2017 • 4 Comments

In my alerts here, and Perry comments on it as well. I agree, she needs to name the individual.

To be honest, though, if financing film were my thing, I would stop entering new commitments for a while just now. I think we’re really just at the beginning of the devastating revelations.

[eta: I put that badly. I don’t mean “the beginning of devastating revelations about Julie Delpy.” I mean, I think the film industry is going to be rocked much further by the current atmosphere of openness about sexual harassment, assault and abuse within its ranks, and this would make me cautious about backing anything if I weren’t 100 percent sure of the probity of the makers.]

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