Peter Jackson says “two films will become three.”

On FB.

~ by Servetus on July 30, 2012.

11 Responses to “Peter Jackson says “two films will become three.””

  1. and 19 minutes later, Peter Jackson is trending on twitter. Fascinating.


  2. Well, not the four I dreamed of LOL but three as I expected. Naturally, I wonder how much of Thorin we will see . . . although regardless of his presence or lack of it, I will see the film, I am sure. I’ve gotten quite interested in this entire project.


  3. I think something is probably wrong with me but since Comic Con and the latest vlog I feel really positive about this project and am pleased about the third film. I finally got a sense that those people know what they are doing and are about to create something magical. Hope I didn’t simply fell into the PR trap. I think making the action scenes in Hobbit as spectacular as possible takes more time than people account for, one sentence on paper may lead to several minutes on screen, but what the story really needs is fleshing out the characters, giving them life and a background, and I think that could be achieved with three films.


  4. I find myself swaying between excitement and disappointment. Excitement because I do love what PJ has done for the books, and his Middle Earth vision looked wonderful on the big screen.

    Disappointment for I do love the book The Hobbit itself, and the trilogy is actually incorporating a lot the appendices of LOTR. So the main story of the book is used as a backdrop to expand on the history. I thought it was already a stretch for it to be 2 movies, let alone 3.

    But I won’t deny it, I will most definitely see them all. 😉


  5. Boooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I wanted two movies. I can’t wait three years for the whole thing to be finished plus another couple for the extended version on BD. *hissssssssss*


  6. […] them or with J.R.R. Tolkien. Thus it was a matter of supreme indifference to me whether they made two or three movies, except as it impacted Armitage’s own desires to continue in that project or find new ones. I […]


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